Snuggling, Snoozing and Straddling

As I’m sure you noticed, Lion and I got our posts backwards yesterday. Lion wrote his and then accidentally published it. My job was then to come up with a post for this morning. Since I’m the play by play guy, I have very little to offer when there’s nothing going on.

Today, I can get you up to speed about Lion’s surgery tomorrow. We need to be at the hospital by 5:30 am. I’m not usually even awake by then. It will definitely be a struggle. However, I’m trying to be positive by imagining the light traffic at that hour. And I can probably snooze a bit while Lion is in surgery.

This morning we woke up early too. I’m really tired right now. I know I should do some packing tonight, but I also know I should keep Lion company. He’s very nervous about the surgery. We’ll do some snuggling and probably some snoozing. I doubt he’ll be looking to play but we can if he wants to. Snuggling sure sounds good right now.

As I go through the house, packing and tossing things, I’m planning where things should go in the new house. Lion will have his office and I’ll have a little alcove outside his office for my computer desk. There’s a larger bedroom that we’ll use as a pantry and the freezers will be in there. I’m hoping there will be enough room left over for the waxing equipment and maybe even the sling. Of course, the waxing table is portable so it can stay folded most of the time. And the sling doesn’t have to be up all the time either. I’d just like enough room for the possibility of either of them to be used in the pantry.

I don’t know how much thought Lion has put into how play will work in the new house. I’m sure he doesn’t know how much I’ve thought about it. I want to make sure things are within easy reach. Even if they’re in a different room, they need to be accessible. I’m tired of not being able to find a certain paddle because it’s downstairs or under the bed. That’s another reason for the torture book. I’ll know what paddles should be available to me.

I’m sure there are paddles I’ve forgotten about because they aren’t with the others. If I have photographic proof one exists, I won’t have to get another one. Although, I have often wondered if it’s workable to straddle Lion and whomp him with two paddles as I’ve seen people in videos do with floggers. It may only work with floggers, but wouldn’t it be fun to try?

[Lion — Actually, I have a pair of matched floggers and I have used them with one in each hand. I think the paddles are different matter entirely. For one thing, floggers take time to wind up and then finally strike. The rationale for using two is to make a more continuous impression. Paddles, on the other hand, can be used very rapidly so there is really no need to use to at the same time. I would imagine to paddles would get in each other’s way. It is an interesting thought. Maybe get another spoon shaped paddle and use them like drumsticks. That sounds more like BDSM than punishment. Of course, it’s one more area for experimentation.]