Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Lion is officially all caught up with his punishments. I used the tenderizer on him last night and left some marks. I’m sure they’ll be gone by today but it was fun while it lasted.

Another thing that was fun while it lasted was edging him. Or, more correctly, attempting to edge him. We had a good start, he faded, I got him back and then nothing. I jokingly said maybe I don’t turn him on anymore. I know that’s not it. If it was he wouldn’t even want me to try. He said, with a hopeful smile, he’s sure oral sex would do the trick. Perhaps it would. We’ll have to try that avenue tonight.

The good news is that Lion’s sore spot seems to be gone. I wasn’t being very careful and it didn’t seem to hurt at all. Now we just need to fix whatever is holding up the edging and we’ll be on our way. I thought the spanking would help. He hasn’t been in his cage so maybe that hurt our chances. I don’t know what the answer is. I just have to keep plugging away and hope we’re successful. Obviously, with no sore, he can go back in the cage again. I’d suggest the original Cherry Keeper. I’m not saying the shelf on the custom one is the cause of the sore but why exacerbate the situation?

Between caging him and oral sex, we might have a winner tonight. If not, I’m sure he’ll earn some punishment over the weekend. He’ll probably spill something or annoy me in some way. Then we’ll have the cage and spanking working in our favor. Maybe the combination will do the trick. I’m also thinking of tying his balls or using some clothespins. Everything but the kitchen sink. I’ll get Lion to the edge if it kills us.

I’m teasing, of course. There’s no pressure to get him to the edge. Sometimes the journey is better than the destination. Think of all the fun we’ll have trying.