We Need To Do Something

My dry spell ended last night. Mrs. Lion gave me a great blowjob. I’m not all that confident that ends the difficulty I’ve been having, but it was a very welcome relief. A couple of people offered ideas about why I have been unable to come. Jessa wrote:

“Honestly it seems more like boredom. Same thing every time. Everyone likes variety every now and then. That’s why when things got switched up it happened.”

That’s a really good point. We tend to be creatures of habit. Over the last months, at some point during the evening, usually well after 10PM, Mrs. Lion will come over and snuggle with me. Sometimes I ask her, others she moves over herself. She will play with me and once I get hard, sit up and masturbate me. Usually she edges me a few times. Sometimes she will give me oral.

Jessa may be right. Neither of us is that excited about that process. That’s why the Box O’Fun came out for a while. Doing what the card I picked said, became something we did instead of the snuggle. We have been on a sort of sexual autopilot.

This isn’t Mrs. Lion’s fault. Her libido is sleeping. She has no interest in sex for herself. So any sexual activity is done because she knows I need it. That makes it nearly impossible for spontaneous passion. Our rules and punishments offered a way to add some unplanned activity. I think we both enjoy it in very different ways. Unfortunately, the training has been effective and I hardly ever break a rule.

Since I am the only one who wants sexual arousal, all our activities are a one directional. Mrs. Lion is the initiator and activator of what we do. Her focus isn’t around working out ways to spice things up. She’s been tired and likes to come home from work and play games on her iPad. I don’t think she is angry at me, but interactivity is at an all-time low.

Add to that the fact that I’ve been under the weather and our net energy level is horribly low. It’s to her eternal credit that she hasn’t given it all up.

We won’t cure this malaise with clothespins or Icy Hot on my balls. Well, not entirely anyway. The sexual creativity needs to return to our lives. In the past, I’ve done research and made suggestions to Mrs. Lion. After a while, it felt like I was scripting my sexual adventures. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but not really what I think will work. It may be time for her to become a bit more active in terms of following what others are up to. I know she doesn’t really want to do this. The thing is that we need to not be so isolated.

In many marriages, boredom is characterized by less and less contact. Mrs. Lion won’t let that happen to us. She makes sure that we do something sexual nearly every night. It was our agreement five years ago to do this. I’m very happy she does.

We need to inject more energy into our lives. Maybe part of the reason we are both so tired is that nothing is happening that interests us. When we first started playing about fifteen years ago, Mrs. Lion worried she would get bored. It’s taken a long time, but maybe that’s what’s happening now. I don’t think either of us wants to give up. We have to find a way to bring the fun back. Any thoughts?