First of all, I don’t think it took Lion all that long to have an orgasm last night. While I did use my mouth, I think I should have played with him more. We did some ball bondage the other day. I should have used clothespins or actually given him some swats. He likes to play. He needs to play. Somehow, in my mind, I didn’t want him to get discouraged so I went right at it.

A long time ago, I edged Lion over and over again orally. I didn’t move up and down much. I just used my tongue. And when he was at the edge, I stopped but I never took my mouth off him. I don’t even remember if I let him have an orgasm that time, but I do remember how much fun it was playing with him like that. I’ve never done it again. I’ve tried a few times but I always give in and start the head bobbing. Not that Lion complains.

Actually, the only time Lion has complained about oral sex, other than the times I get a bit aggressive, is when I went too slow. I thought I was driving him crazy. I thought getting him to the edge slowly was torture. I thought I was getting him to the edge…so…slowly…he’d…have…no…choice…but…to…come. It turns out he didn’t like it. Oh sure, eventually he ejaculated but it wasn’t the most fun he’d ever had. Slow and steady doesn’t always win the race.

On the other hand, fast doesn’t necessarily do it either. Well, it does it. It just doesn’t do it in the most fun way. When I’m giving him a hand job sometimes it’s easier to gauge the speed because he starts bucking. He’s showing me the rhythm. If I match it we should get there at the right speed and, I assume, he’ll have the most fun.

I make a lot of assumptions. Some I know are true because they work time after time. Some are proven false eventually. I suppose I could ask rather than assume but wouldn’t that detract from the moment? “Excuse me, Lion. Do you like this grip better than this grip?” Mood killer. [Lion — That’s called optometrist sex, “Is it better this way or that way?”]

I think sex is all one giant experiment anyway. Even if I’m sure this technique worked last time, it doesn’t mean it will work this time. Maybe Lion would have taken just as long to come last night even if I had swatted him or used clothespins. I do know that it didn’t really take all that long.