We have two seasons here: spring and summer. Spring lasts from mid-October until mid-May. The temperature hovers in the 40’s F. It’s cloudy and rains frequently. Snow is very rare and when the sun manages to shine, the temperature will drop, sometimes below freezing. I’ve learned to treasure the clouds because they keep us warm through the cold months elsewhere. Summer is usually in the 80’s by day and 50’s by night. The sun shines almost all the time and rain is very infrequent.

What does this have to do with being naked all the time? Everything. Even with insulated homes and central heat and air conditioning, indoor temperatures in more extreme climates can vary more widely. Here, it’s easy and affordable to keep the house at a pleasant 72 degrees. That means there is no real excuse for me to ever wear clothes. Now that I’m working from home much more frequently, the vast majority of my time is spent naked.

The idea of being naked all them time has long lost its exotic titillation. For me, it is my normal state. I like to wear clothes too. It’s a novelty I enjoy. On days I go to the office, I am very conscious of my dressed state. Just as others are self-conscious when naked, I’m that way when clothed.

This came to mind on Saturday night when I asked Mrs. Lion to take a picture of my angry, red balls. I wanted to share what the extreme Icy Hot did to me. I didn’t give a thought to the fact that I would be sharing a picture of my genitals with total strangers. It doesn’t turn me on thinking about it now. It’s just part of me. If you were here, you would see it all the time.

The same is true for more exotic things we do. I no longer think that being spanked, for example, is unusual. It is simply the consequence of me failing to obey a rule. You know that I get spanked. It’s no secret and, other than the discomfort it causes me, it’s a normal part of my life.

This brings me to the reason I’m mentioning this: Too many guys want to convert normal, even-expected activities into exotic, power-driven exercises. How often do you read someone say that because he is submissive, he gives his partner oral sex? Really? Or, how about guys who write that their submission forces them to do <gasp>, housework.

On the other side of the coin, how often do you read that the main benefit of being a dominant woman is that they can sit around all days eating bon bons? They get all the oral sex they can stand and their submissive partner massages their feet and paints their toenails.

I have a huge problem with this. With or without a power exchange, I will do anything for Mrs. Lion. I will do it because she is my mate and I love her more than anything. It’s that simple. The main reason she spanks me and acts as my disciplining wife is because I want it; not because she wants to exploit me.

Julie, of StrictJulieSpanks.blogspot.com put it perfectly in her “Advice for Wives”:

“Of course I enjoy being so essential to my man, and I love him and will do anything for him. Anything. But beyond that I feel I have worked out some issues of my own around power and male-female relations and have become more assertive and confident as a result. I also just enjoy the act itself, and get sexually turned on by wielding this power over my man.”

Her point is that if a woman happens to enjoy her role and gets aroused by spanking him, it is gravy. The key is that she is doing it for him because she loves him. We men want to believe that our wives are doing all this for their own pleasure. Julie addresses that too:

“You, as his partner, have an amazing ability to literally “wave a magic wand” and get a much more fulfilled and happy mate. In my opinion that is reason enough to put some honest, genuine, and diligent effort into helping him to fulfill these needs whether it turns your crank or not – you do love him after all.”

I am aware that Mrs. Lion is doing all this because it fulfills me and makes me happy. I’m not saying that she doesn’t enjoy some of what she does. I’m convinced she likes it more than she wants to admit to herself. It may also be that she has learned to be a great actor. It doesn’t matter. She makes me supremely happy.

One thing I’m sure she knows: She doesn’t have to punish me to get me to do things she wants. I will do absolutely anything for her. The punishment, aside from supporting some inner kink of mine, has actually proved useful to both of us. I’ve written a lot about that (here, and here for starters). That’s almost beside the point.

I’m pretty sure that if she recognizes it at all, it has nothing to do with the effort she puts in to be my disciplining wife. I know that there is only one reason my life has changed like this: because she loves me.