Lion’s choice from the Box O’Fun was spanking. I know he was dreading making a painful pick, but he was lucky. Not all of the selections are as wanted as that one. Next time will probably involve more pain.

The last time I gave Lion a play spanking, I started out kneeling and then moved to a seated position. I leaned on him while I swatted. Lat night I started out sitting. We both liked that I leaned on him. It may not be the best position for a “good” spanking but I like how close we are. Besides, I had a slapper that didn’t require long strokes. I even parted his cheeks so I could slap between them. It’s a very sensitive area.

I usually swat all over his buns and I did that last night as well. But I also concentrated quite a few swats on the sweet spot where he sits. Not that he really sits while we watch TV in bed. I just wanted to do it. I called it his “sit spot”. By concentrating the swats I knew the soreness would last a little longer. It wasn’t a very vigorous session. I just got him rosy. But Mr. Weenie was at attention when he rolled over.

He was nice and hard. Maybe not as hard as he’s ever been but certainly hard enough to tease. And tease I did. I know it was only a few days since his last orgasm but I don’t care. I like to give him orgasms. I don’t think it has anything to do with his being wild or not. There are times he’s very horny and almost begging to come that I don’t give in. Other times he’s not necessarily all that horny and I’ll let him come. There’s really no rhyme or reason. Something just makes me want to give him an orgasm more than other times.

Lion, wisely, doesn’t argue with my decision. Sure, he used to ask why I gave in so soon. He’s stopped asking. Smart boy!