Closer Than Ever

Lion watched one of his favorite shows last night. He asked to have the cage removed because his skin was being irritated. I obliged. When his show was over, he asked what I wanted to watch. I chose the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. Yes, I am that far behind with shows I like. There’s actually at least one more that I’m further behind with.

In the middle of Grey’s Anatomy, Lion was fumbling around with something. He said he assumed I wanted the cage back on. I didn’t. I hadn’t played with him yet. If he hadn’t asked me to unlock him earlier, I would have unlocked him to play with him. Despite the fact that I was in the middle of watching a show I like that he doesn’t, I felt rushed to play with him. Otherwise, why would he have been in the process of putting the cage back on when I hadn’t told him to?

Lion always says the TV can be paused at any time for fun so that’s what I did. I wasn’t sure if he was going to respond. It just took a tiny bit longer to get him going. But, boy, once I got him going he was sure horny.

Somewhere along the line I decided it wouldn’t be the worst thing if I gave him a ruined orgasm. My goal was to get him closer and closer to the edge. If I happened to miss, oh well. As it turns out, I got him further along than I ever have without giving him an orgasm. I did not give him a ruined orgasm. I got him to the point that his toes curl and his balls shrivel up and his entire body tenses. And then I stopped.

Poor Lion! Poor, happily frustrated Lion.

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  1. That’s just cruel chick. That’s just so cruel. LOL

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