Mrs. Lion’s Chastity Device Magic

When I asked to be locked in my chastity device again, I wondered if this change for me would also affect Mrs. Lion. I posited that the change would cause Mrs. Lion to increase my wait times. She was doubtful. After all, she teases me almost every day, locked or not.

Good point. But I think the chastity device has psychological effects on both of us. The effect on me is obvious: I lose all ability to be aroused by the confining cage. I also have to deal with the realities of pinching and aligning my urethra to allow me to pee in a straight line.

I can’t think of any reason why Mrs. Lion’s sexual behavior toward me should change if I’m locked up or not. Aside from the inconvenience of getting the key, the physical side of things remains the same whether I’m caged or wild. Psychologically, things seem to shift. For the last several months, Mrs. Lion has given me an orgasm about every four days. There have been very few exceptions.

Then the cage went on. When day 6 passed with no orgasm, I asked Mrs. Lion if she was aware she seems to make me wait longer when locked up. She agreed that she’s observed that too. Any reason? She didn’t know of one.

In her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion said that on Wednesday night she would have been fine if she gave me a ruined orgasm. She is not fine with this idea when I am wild. For the record, I’m fine with getting one. She pointed out that it doesn’t matter what I want. Obviously, I like the full kind, but an intentional ruined orgasm is an exciting idea as well.

Sexual activities seem more exciting when I am temporarily released from my cage. Captivity adds something to the mix for me. It may be partially due to the fact that I can’t touch my penis for any purpose when wearing the chastity device. That makes Mrs. Lion’s touch that much more arousing.  Certainly, being prevented from getting an erection, builds up my physical tension too.

Maybe a subconscious reason I wanted to be locked up again is my memory of the heightened arousal I get when unlocked. It could also be why I resist being wild on vacations and business trips. I thought it was very irrational and sort of “fetishy” to want such consistent lockup. I’m starting to think that there are sexual reasons rather than a desire to be restrained that motivate me so strongly.

I’ve read posts and forum entries by lots of guys who feel the same way. It makes perfect sense to me that we males should find the presence of the chastity device arousing. I can’t understand why Mrs. Lion behaves differently when I’m locked. It’s not that she wanted me in a chastity device. The opposite is true. She wanted me to stay wild. While she agreed to lock me up again, it certainly wasn’t her idea. Yet, the cage affects her. What’s your experience?


  1. The cage seems to cause my Queen to delay my orgasms even more too! She teases me an then reaches me and it seems to make her happy! This is a relatively new phenomenon! In the past, she didn’t seem to delight in it to the same extent. As you are aware my wait times are quite long. And yet I never know when next she will decide to make me/let me orgasm. I also agree that a planned ruined orgasm is very exciting. Just not something I want too often. lol

    1. Author

      Like me, you have no choice.

  2. Not sure if you’ve said this before as for I’m just now reading your post but do you have an idea of your size before chastity and after wearing it?
    I’m only curious cause I’ve just started wearing one and wanted to know what to expect .

    1. Author

      Nothing changes in size. Everything is exactly the same size after 5 years.

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