The Wait Is On

Last night I surprised Lion by unlocking him. Based on my post, he didn’t think he’d be unlocked or played with right away. I told him I guess I came to terms with his being locked up again. In his defense, he thought I approved of both his sending the cage back and locking him up because I answered “OK” in an email. That “OK” was in response to us talking about things when I got home. So it was miscommunication. Live and learn and move on.

What I didn’t tell Lion is now that he’s back in the cage he’s going to wait longer for orgasms. I don’t know why I decided that. In my mind, maybe it’s a trade-off for making me unlock him and lock him back up. It’s not vindictive. I’m sure he’ll “like” being made to wait a little longer. I haven’t really thought about how much longer he’ll wait. But you know me, I’ll give in before too long. It certainly will not be 28 days.

When I unlocked him last night it took a while for him to respond. Once he did, it didn’t last long. Then, of course, he decided he’s broken because he wasn’t horny. Why would he be? He didn’t think he was being unlocked. He was just laying there minding his own business.

If I unlock him tonight maybe I’ll give him a little more warning. I could also use some handy dandy toys to help the situation. I know I can get him interested.