I gave Lion another orgasm last night. It was oral this time and I love the way he tastes so I just kept going after I’d edged him a bunch of times. It was a five day wait. For most of the wait we hadn’t even played. It’s been that way a lot lately.

Since our version of chastity has little to do with wait, it shouldn’t be a problem if he has short waits. But what about play? If he isn’t horny or doesn’t want to play and I just give him an orgasm the next time we play, is that wrong? I mean, I know Lion and I have to decided what’s right and what’s wrong, but should I be doing more playing and fewer orgasms? Does it matter?

Does it make the orgasm that much sweeter when he finally gets it if I torture him first? I know he needs a certain amount of play or buildup before an orgasm. I can’t just go right for the gold. Everyone needs foreplay in some form or another. I’m only talking about the time between orgasms.

Am I technically frustrating him more by not frustrating him? If I only play with him when I give him an orgasm, will he get mad that I don’t play with him more? I know I’m making more of this than I need to. I’m not always going to give Lion and orgasm every time we play. I just wonder what the short term effects are since I’ve been doing it a lot lately.

I’m not worried about having an unhappy Lion. I know he’ll send up a flare if/when he’s feeling like he needs play more than an orgasm. What guy would want fewer orgasms? Lion sure did during the time period he had one a day several years ago. We’re not going back there again. I guess the key is balancing out the amount of play with the amount of orgasms.


  1. I don’t think there is such a thing as being selfish for giving him an orgasm or denying him. As long as you two have discussed what both of your needs and wants are then I don’t think there is anything wrong.

  2. It’s individual taste, l suppose but being teased for a long time makes cumming especially nice. Even moreso if just before l cum, she changes her mind for a few more days. Never being sure makes it literally edgier.

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