Doin’ What Comes Naturally

We’re going home today. It’s seven hours on the road. We split the driving, so it isn’t terrible. Saturday was a fun day for me. We visited a casino about eighty miles from our campsite. We didn’t set out to go there, but in our roaming, we realized we were close, so we took a slot machine break. We didn’t make any money; well, I didn’t. But it was fun. We love doing most anything together.

When we got to bed, Mrs. Lion practiced her rope skills and lassoed my balls. They were tightly bound so that they jumped each time she pulled on my cock. She edged me over and over again. Finally, she made me ejaculate. It felt great!!! I stayed hard a long time after she was done. We topped off the evening with a slice of delicious chocolate cake.

It feels like we have been here just a day or two. The time flew by. We’re back to work tomorrow. By the time we learn to sleep well in the camper, we’re on the way home. Maybe we will remember how to do it on our next trip.

I made French toast on Sunday morning. Then, we both sat down to write our posts. We’ll head into town where there is cell phone service, and upload them to the blog. We’ll spend most of the day roaming and seeing what we can find. We love roaming the countryside.

When we began camping four years ago, we had a very hard time sleeping in a queen-sized bed. We’re used to a much wider king. We would bump into one another and wake up. Now, we have that figured out and only rarely disturb one another. We learn to adapt.

This ability also reveals itself in our power exchange. Hard as it is for me to believe, Mrs. Lion has fully integrated her role into her life. It seems perfectly natural now. I noticed this at a meal Saturday. After the food arrived, she was busy with something. I sat quietly waiting for her to start eating. She turned to me and in a normal, conversational voice said, “You may eat any time you’re ready.”

It was simple as that. We were surrounded by other people. Neither of us gave a thought to the transaction. I began eating. I didn’t notice any undue attention from other diners, but I wasn’t looking. We’re both well past the point that we are concerned about things like that. It’s just what we do.