Stretched and Separated

We broke down and bought an atlas yesterday. We do have navigation but the screen can’t show everything. What happens if we take that road over there? Does it actually go in the direction we think? Or, does it switch back, as so many roads in a mountainous area do? Or does it just end, as so many others do? Hence the need for a larger map. Between the atlas and the navigation, we can find our way back.

We did quite a bit of exploring. We wandered close to Canada and, I thought, close to Idaho. We weren’t really close to Idaho. I figured we might be because we were pretty much due north of Spokane, but we were quite a ways away.

Despite all our travels, we were back at the camper before 8. We watched TV for a bit and then went into the bedroom to play. For some reason, the rope I have in the camper is double the length I have at home. I know there was a reason for this at some point, but I finally cut it to make it more useful. Then I set about tying my weenie’s two best friends.

There are normally two ways I tie the boys up. I can wrap the rope around a few times and then twist it to loop up and around them, separating them. Or I can wrap around more time to stretch them away from Lion’s body. Last night I did a combination. I wrapped a few more times than I usually do so I stretched my balls out, and then I twisted it and looped up and around. My balls were stretched and separated.

As I jerked Lion off I’d stop to tug on my balls more. I even ran my fingernails along the taut skin to make him wince. And then I’d go back to jerking him off with my balls bouncing happily along. I got Lion very close several times. I was debating with myself whether he should have another orgasm or if I should wait until tonight. Of course, nothing says he has to have an orgasm any time soon. Except me. If I say he has to, then he has to.

And did I say he had to? Absolutely! I’m a big fan of Lion orgasms. Lion’s an even bigger fan. Can he have another one tonight? I don’t know. Anything is possible.

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  1. Lion is a lucky guy having you to play with him.

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