Mission Accomplished

Lion says I’m trying to make him miss me more while I away next week. This was after I gave him what he called an amazing blow job. For the record, I was not trying to make him miss me more. I was trying to give him an amazing blow job. Mission accomplished.

He was surprised that he got to have another orgasm after a three day wait. The length of time doesn’t really matter to me. Us. Of course Lion would rather not wait too long. I just give him one whenever the whim strikes me. It doesn’t matter if Lion has been a good boy or a bad boy, although if he annoys me too much I’m not going to be much in the mood to give him an orgasm. Since I never know when I’m going to give him one I can’t really tell him he didn’t get it because he was bad. I guess if I do have it planned in my mind I could rub his nose in it. That would be evil. He’d probably like it.

Even though I don’t tell him when he’ll come ahead of time I’m pretty sure he realizes he’ll get another orgasm on Saturday. I usually give him one before he leaves on a trip but this time I’m the one leaving. And he’ll be locked away. The poor boy. He’ll survive.