Happy New Year (April Version)

Lion is back to work today. He said he’ll make it a short week. I teased him that it’s already a short week. He meant he’d only work part of each day. I knew that. At least I hoped that. After being away from work and the stressors of commuting for a few weeks, I knew it would be tiring for him. I envision walking in the door tonight and finding him in bed snoozing.

I think the dog was annoyed that he was leaving her alone. She never came out to help me make my sandwich. She was protesting under the bed until I starting picking up my keys and phone. Then she nearly knocked Lion over trying to get out from under the bed. She gets a treat from each of us as we leave. Clearly she has us trained well. She will definitely be asleep when Lion gets home.

I wish I was home. I could use a nap. I’m not sure why since we didn’t play last night. We won’t play tonight either. Lion gets the stent removed tomorrow and I’m not sure how he’ll feel about playing then. Having something fished out of my weenie doesn’t sound like a bit of fun. He may be in pain. I’ll be available for snuggling or whatever else he’s up for.

Once we get past tomorrow I’m putting my foot down. No more health issues. No more falling down stairs or kidney stones. No more flu or colds. We’re done. We’ve had enough to last a very long time. It’s smooth sailing from now on. We do tend to have issues at the very end or beginning of each year. I keep suggesting we hibernate but no one listens. Think of all the trouble we could have avoided if we were just hunkered down for the winter!

No matter. Our year starts now. The sun is out right now. Spring promises a new beginning. We need it.