Lock Around The Clock

lion penis in ghost chastity device
I’m wearing the Nylon Cage. (click image to see larger)

Today is Possible Sex Day. It’s also Punishment day. The sex part is probably premature. This afternoon, the surgeon is scheduled to remove the stent placed during kidney stone surgery. He told Mrs. Lion that I couldn’t have any sex until it was out. She was fine with that. What a sport!

Since the stent is removed via my penis, there may be a little soreness after the procedure. Never fear, if Mrs. Lion wants me to ejaculate, I will muscle through the pain. Actually, it most likely won’t be sore. But if I know her, Mrs. Lion will want to wait just in case. She’s got a lot of self control when it comes to giving me sex.

My general energy level isn’t 100-percent. It may be all that inactivity thats gotten me lazy. I’m also not sleeping that well yet. But, every day I’m stronger and sleeping more hours in a row.

I expect to be back in a chastity device tonight. I no longer have any reason to be wild. Perhaps we can use the custom nylon cage. I want to put off testing the Holy Trainer V3 until later. It’s.a tube-type chastity device. In my very brief try on, the urethra was nowhere near the end of the tube.

This is the nano device and is only a scant 1/10th-inch longer than the Jail Bird. I think that when I tried putting it on, I couldn’t see well enough to make sure I was fully encased. I ordered the clear version so it is easy to see what’s happening inside. When Mrs. Lion fits it, we’ll find out for sure if it’s viable for me.

In the meantime, we’re going to do a multi-week test with the nylon cage. Since this device can be locked with a numbered, plastic seal, I can wear it through metal detectors. Also, because I can cut the seal and get out if needed, Mrs. Lion feels better about sending me away locked in a chastity device.

We’re way past the point of worrying I will masturbate if left wild and on my own. I’ve always traveled without a chastity device. As frequently happens, both Mrs. Lion and I independently realized that we were happier if I remain caged full time. She now wants to include any travel time as well.

We want to do a long-term test with the nylon cage to assure it won’t irritate me and to make sure it won’t start to smell after several weeks of wearing. In my initial review, I detected a faint odor on the base ring after about a week of wear. If that scent doesn’t get much worse, the device is safe to wear long term.

Every month or so, I’ve used my ultrasonic cleaner to fully sanitize my cage. I’ve found it impossible to get a completely clean device any other way. Body oils and bits of skin adhere strongly, even to the stainless steel Jail Bird. Fifteen minutes in the cleaning machine makes a device as good as new. I generally do this when unlocked on a Saturday or Sunday for grooming.

We’ve developed routines to accommodate the device. Until now, Mrs. Lion has been rather casual about leaving me wild. The plan now is to keep me locked unless she can supervise me. Obviously, we won’t get insane about this, but we both want her to be much stricter. She’s said that this will make her feel more in control. I will certainly feel more controlled.

There’s a less obvious benefit in stricter rules around lockup: We both have to pay much more attention to assuring I am not alone without a cage. Again, this isn’t because I can’t be trusted. It’s because it forces a climate of control. Strict sexual control will lead to strict control in other areas. We both want that.

There’s a real price for this. It’s trouble to lock and unlock me. After some activity that requires me to be uncaged, neither of is usually in a mood to fidget with the base ring and cage. It’s my job to take off and put on the base ring. Mrs. Lion handles the cage and lock. Stricter sexual control will require extra, sometimes-unwelcome work.

This is no different from punishment. Observing and punishing offenses is a disruption of our preferred flow. It took a lot to build the mental and physical muscles for Mrs. Lion to get past that inertia. It will be at least as difficult to do this on the sexual side.

I think it’s important that we do this. After weeks of illness, we need to do more than get back what we lost. We need to gain ground and keep building our power exchange. We both want it and need it.


  1. Author

    Is the nylon cage commercially available yet?

      1. Author

        Thanks, Caged Lion. As you say, its a pity the manufacturer/supplier doesn’t finish the device off properly. Not every one will have access to the correct tools or be competent to undertake the work. So I think I will stick with my metal cage for the time being.

  2. Author

    Why is the thought of keeping a “man” caged in that tiny nylon cage turning me on so much? I would tease THE FUCK out of him just to watch him cope with the no doubt painful results. Does that make me a bad person? 😉

    1. Author

      You know it doesn’t! Mrs. Lion enjoys edging and teasing me more and more. For her, I think, it’s an acquired taste. Being edged can be painful, especially when I’m just one stroke away from orgasm and she stops, smiling sweetly at me. No matter how many times she does this, I can’t seem to learn that nothing I can do will get her to let me finish.

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