I didn’t know Lion was feeling as bad as he was. I thought we were still dealing with his leg and whatever nausea he was having from the medicine he was taking. I did keep asking him if he wanted to go to the emergency room. Most people don’t really want to go to the emergency room, least of all Lion, so I didn’t think much of it when he didn’t. I’ve also been feeling nauseous off and on. I don’t usually get nauseous so it’s weird but nothing I can’t handle.

When Lion said we should leave as soon as he got himself shaved and dressed I knew it was serious. Luckily the emergency room was almost as empty as it was the last time he went on for kidney stones. He was taken right in. He had the CT scan within an hour or so. The first dose of morphine was shortly after that. Lion was in less pain then. Around the point that he was getting antsy, the doctor came in to tell him it was kidney stones but they were small and should pass on their own. And then he got another shot of morphine. Pain gone. Discharge papers in hand. Out the door.

Two things need to be done now. Lion needs to drink a lot of water to encourage that kidney stone to vacate the premises. And he needs to eat something. He afraid to eat because he’s nauseous. I get that. But I also wonder if he’s nauseous because he isn’t eating. I think he needs to tread lightly. Maybe some toast to start out. Maybe some crackers. Calm things. Things that won’t rock the boat too much. They don’t necessarily need to be nutritious. His stomach just has to get used to having something in it.

I may have my work cut out for me though. Lion can be a stubborn old cat. He likes to tell me what I should do for my health but he doesn’t always listen to what’s good for him. He knows I won’t punish him while he’s sick. However, I can keep a tally of how many times he doesn’t listen to me so I can punish him later. It all depends on his attitude toward my suggestions.