We spent yesterday afternoon at the Emergency Room. After a CT scan, kidney stones were found. The one causing me pain should pass on its own today or tomorrow. I’m glad. Last year, I had surgery to remove stones. It was horrible. Yesterday, I got a big dose of morphine. It did take the pain away, but I ended up barfing on y way home from the hospital.

I have a small supply of an opioid to get me through until the stone passes. I’m home until that happens. I have no appetite. All in all, I’m not a happy camper. I’m very glad that I got an orgasm on Saturday night. Sex, like food, is just not interesting to me now.

I feel completely worthless. I’m spilling things and generally unable to care for myself. Mrs. Lion didn’t sign up for this. Neither did I, for that matter. Kidney stones are particularly painful. This one will continue to hurt until it passes. If it doesn’t pass soon, I may need surgery.  I have all four paws crossed that the stone will just come out. The ER doc said about 90% of stones this size do pass on their own.

I don’t understand why my self worth has been impacted so negatively. I’m generally optimistic and resilient. Not now. Well, back to bed for me. Mrs. Lion will have more to add later


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    Ouch! Hope it passes without too much pain for you. Best wishes. xx CC

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    You’re probably struggling more than usual because you guys can’t seem to catch a break lately, with sickness, injuries, and now this. Hope you feel better soon.

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      I agree with sayyidsgirl! It’s been a rough year and a bit! Good luck with the stones. I hope you pass it soon and as easily as possible!

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        Don’t give up. Things always get better, eventually. Hugs

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