Pick Your Poison

My recent sex life has been exceptionally active. Mrs. Lion has been edging me almost every day. I’ve gotten frequent orgasms. I really like it. I’m not one of the guys who consider long waits to be a sign of my sexual submission. My submission is rooted in the fact that the only sexual activity I get comes from my lioness. If she decides to make me wait a month, then that’s how long I will wait. If the wait is only a few days, I’m very happy.

In my mind, the key is control. We have certainly achieved that. This also holds true in terms of obedience. If I break a rule, I get punished. Generally that’s a spanking. I have no doubt that any infraction will earn a painful visit with a paddle. Now that we are both recovering from whatever got us, I’m sure punishment desert will return as well. The world of 2.0 is here. Mrs. Lion is happy to administer punishments as severely as she feels necessary. Our FLR with discipline is firmly in place.

This is an enormous achievement. Her dominance is a routine part of our lives. It’s absolutely routine for her to tell me to roll over on the bed and then spank me. Just as edging and male orgasm control have become routine parts of our lives, punishment has too. 2.0 truly lives here full time! Congratulations Mrs. Lion! \I can’t be happier with how this has all worked out. We are doing what we set out to do four years ago. It’s part of our lives.

There’s one area we both tend to neglect: play. This isn’t Mrs. Lion’s failing. It’s both of us. We settle into our comfortable life. We watch TV and Mrs. Lion plays games on her iPad. Yes, we always snuggle and edge, and yes, I am always punished when needed. But that’s generally it.

It’s odd to me. We are living the hard part of all the stuff we wanted to do, but the play aspect eludes us. Mrs. Lion wrote about “Sling Wednesday”. We don’t do that. Maybe it should be “Sling Saturday” but it’s been quite a while since we went downstairs to play. Mrs. Lion tried to do anal play a couple of times. I asked her if we could put it off. I should never do that, but I did. We haven’t tried again in ages. The same is true of hot sauce on my balls, butt plugs, diapers, and panties. I’m sure I left some things out, but you get the idea.

Many of these activities require very little of Mrs. Lion’s time and a lot of mine; diapers and panties, for example. Butt plugs just need to be inserted and removed. The rest is my problem. The same is true of hot sauce.

I think the issue is probably the same one we had with orgasm control and discipline. We just have to do it. Maybe we need a play calendar which holds us both to follow it. I can be required to remind Mrs. Lion in advance of what is on the schedule. I do this twice a week with punishment days. Failure to remind her earns me punishment. I work hard to remember.

Maybe something like this is needed for play. I know Mrs. Lion thinks about it. She often tells me. Then later, she says that she forgot or was too tired. Sound familiar? It’s exactly what happened early in our FLR with discipline. It’s way too easy for us both to follow our routine. Of course Super Bowl Sunday was a great exception. Mrs. Lion proposed and then carried out a great spanking game. It was 2.j0-worthy in every sense. I still feel the result of that game it in a couple of spots.

Yes, Mrs. Lion has to initiate things, but she doesn’t have to do it in a vacuum. We are partners. She can ask me to give her a list of activities I might think about. Then, she could choose from that or come up with something completely different. We could write them on slips of paper and she or I could draw one or more each night we are going to play.  If we don’t return the item to the bag, it would guarantee we would do everything on the list. I can see that as setting up some anxiety since I am sure there will be activities I hate. But then, that’s the excitement of playing.

There is at least one thing that I think we need to do a few times a week. That is anal insertion and pegging. Frequent activity will let me “learn” to take larger dildos and plugs. I will also learn to handle hard and fast pegging as well. We both expressed interest in this.

The bottom line is that we both have to get off our asses and do things. I need to help make this happen. I can’t just passively wait for Mrs. Lion to come up with things. This is the way we add things to our lives. I’ll try not to be a pest when I remind her we need to play.

After we talked this over, Mrs. Lion asked me to send her a list of play we could do. Some of the items are general, like clothespins and butt plugs. We have a variety of options. Mrs. Lion can choose which she might want to do.

Play List
Butt plug

Hot stuff
Clothespins on balls and other spots
Ball stretching (weights)
Cock and ball bondage
Zapping (dog training collar)

Am I missing anything?


  1. Author

    diapers and baby play can be fun. when the store babies r us adverise bsby days sale i take on the role of 18 months old. years of doing it i still struggle to soil myself

    panties are a must. the materials feel so good. they make me feel so good.

    1. Author

      Thanks for sharing. I’m only made to pee in a diaper when made to wear them. Thank goodness!

  2. Author

    In terms of anal training, she can even stay on the couch playing iPad games while you insert and fuck yourself with increasingly challenging objects, only looking up ocassionally to make sure you are on track. As you say, Domming can be pennies on the dollar in terms of time expended. Once your assigned stretching is done, she may choose to peg your pre-stretched out asshole as the grand finale, or just keep playing iPad games as you wash your toys in the kitchen sink, readying them for the next day when you might get lucky 😉

    1. Author

      We both prefer things to be interactive. You seem to favor that approach too :).

      1. Author

        Watching disinterestedly is a form of interaction.

  3. Author

    You’re still forgetting being tied up by your Mistress.

    1. Author

      That’s in there. It’s one of the cards that returns to the box after I pick it. When I pick it, I have to pick another for the activity that will happen when I am tied up.

      1. Author

        Well, I kind of envy you Lion.
        That kind of activity doesn’t interest my mistress at all.
        — Ken

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