Where’d I Hide the Key?

Lion was horny last night. I don’t get it. He just had an orgasm the night before. He shouldn’t have been horny last night. Must be the full moon. He’s usually not horny for a night or two after an orgasm.

Again he asked if I was going to lock him up. Again I told him if I locked him up because he asked then it wouldn’t be my idea and he wants it to be my idea. We both know whose idea it really is but I should initiate him being locked up again. And it has to be by my rules. When I say he should be wild then he should be wild. Of course if there is a sore spot or a doctor appointment that requires examination below the waist then the cage can come off. Lion can also ask for it to come off and I’ll consider whether or not he makes a good case for it or not.

The standard rules will apply. I’ll unlock him at least every other day (barring illness) to play with him. I won’t just leave him languishing in the cage all but forgotten. And if the cage is back full time then I expect him to remind me if I seem to have forgotten to lock him back up again when I’m done with him. I do think about Mr. Weenie more than most wives think about their husbands’ penises but it is not at the forefront of my mind.

I’m still trying to determine if I want the cage back full time. For the first few days I know I’ll hear Lion saying he liked it better when he was wild and he got pinched at work or on the way home in the car. And I’ll have to remember to get the key out so I can play with him. And then he’ll want me to hide the key again so he can’t get to it. And then there’s the debate about the emergency key. Is it worth all that hassle? Probably. But I’m still thinking about it.


  1. Author

    You could always keep the key on a chain around your neck or on a bracelet?
    I wish my husband was asking to wear it! Hmmmm but then would I really have the same desire to lock him up if it was something he wanted? Oh am I kidding. Probably. Hehe

  2. Author

    It sounds like Lion is still thinking first and foremost about himself. The theater about “she hid the key and I can’t find it”, that’s all about him.

    If you don’t want to play that game, don’t. If you enjoy his submission, he can give that to you whether he knows where the key is or he doesn’t. It’s Lion’s task to learn to see the device as a help to him so he doesn’t crawl up the walls because he can touch himself but isn’t allowed to; and to get to a mindset where the chastity happens between the ears. It’s you he wants to be submissive to, not the device.

    What you want out of all this is paramount. There is no One Way to play with chastity and orgasm denial. First and foremost, I’d encourage you to think of ways this can be fun for you. And ditch anything that seems cumbersome; create a framework that you are happy with and that Lion can live in and fill.

    Or do something entirely different. Your household your way of approaching things!

    1. Author

      You seem to suggest that we are having some relationship/power issue. We aren’t. We have our own way of managing our relationship. I’m not setting out to be abjectly submissive. We have a partnership with benefits (for her). Our dialogs about the cage are nothing more than that. I am not crawling up any walls. I am not all that crazy about being locked up again. I just think it would be good for me.

      I understand that it’s natural to read your own experiences into what she and I write. I’m not terribly concerned if she doesn’t lock me up (which she hasn’t until now).

      1. Author

        I clearly overstepped my boundaries here, and for that I apologize.

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