I’ve Missed You

I have to admit I sometimes overreact to Lion’s posts. He’ll say ABC and I don’t mind B or C but A sets me off. This morning’s post about the cage is a good example. I read it and my brain realized what he was saying. At least part of it did. The logical (I guess) part of my brain knew he meant that he didn’t want to be in charge of when he wears the cage. The other part (I don’t know how to classify it) started running with “he’s saying if he wears the cage again it will be his way or no way.”

There are relatively new rides in amusement parks now that use a screen and motion to make you feel like you’re flying or on an actual roller coaster when, in fact, you’re strapped into a seat that goes no higher than 10 feet off the ground. I don’t care what you tell yourself, your brain will think you’re heading up that steep incline, slowing and then suddenly sailing straight down the other side. The logical side says, “No way. We’re just dangling here in midair.” The other side says, “I know what the eyes and inner ears are reporting. We are moving! Danger! Danger!”

My brain did the same thing with the post. Logic said, “Good point, Lion.” The other side said, “Nope. He’s trying to be in charge. Danger! Danger!” And then the part that’s sure I’m doing everything wrong panicked. Once that happens it takes a little while before the logical side can regain control. Sometimes it requires Lion to snap me out of it. When he asked what I thought of the post I said I didn’t think I agreed with his terms. I don’t want him to be locked in the cage 24/7/365 even on business trips. And why can’t he be locked away when I say he should be locked away and wild when I say he should be wild? He said that was exactly his point. He doesn’t want to be the one in charge of when he’s locked up. Oh. Yeah. I do remember reading that part. Welcome back, logic. I’ve missed you.

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