Lion was definitely in the mood last night. He got hard almost immediately. It was a tall, proud erection. I love when he gets very hard.

While I was edging him I was trying to remember when he had come last. I think it was last Tuesday. It was the day after we got home and I owed him an orgasm from the trip when he was too tired. Somewhere along the way I decided I should get all the old, stale, cold/flu semen out of him. We’ll start off with a fresh batch now that he’s feeling a little better. He didn’t produce too much ejaculate. Just enough to clear the pipes.

In this morning’s post, Lion said if he goes back in the cage he’ll ask me to take back the emergency key. He reasons that he hasn’t needed it since I gave it to him. We’ve been good about planning for doctor appointments when he’ll need to be wild. But the purpose of the emergency key is for just that: emergencies. You can’t plan for an accident in which you may need an MRI or a catheter insertion. Assuming he was awake and aware, he could avoid having the cage cut off if he had the key. Not that I’m hoping for an emergency to justify the key but my mind likes to be prepared for every possibility. I’m not sure how comfortable I am with locking him up if he doesn’t have the key.

I know he likes to live dangerously sometimes. He’s a lot more adventurous than I am in most respects. He’s less prone to embarrassment than I am. It bothers me when I go to the doctor with a hole in my underwear. (Sorry, Mom.) I can’t imagine having an emergency and being stuck in a chastity device. Of course, at that point in time a chastity device is probably the least of your troubles. I guess I still retain a lot of my prudishness.