Plague Version 2018

I’d promised Lion a second vacation orgasm but he was too tired. Last night he was frisky again. A promise is a promise so I gave him an oral orgasm. He said he was surprised to get one. It had been about a week since his last one. I think that’s our average.

We both avoided getting sick before our trip. Now we’re both feeling yucky. Lion is worse than I am. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s a day or two sicker than I am or if it’s just hitting him harder. He’s home today with a stuffy head and a cough. I’m trying to power through my stuffy head at work. I haven’t taken anything yet because I’m ignoring it so far. I feel if I give in and take medicine it will be admitting defeat. I’m not ready to do that yet.

On the way home I’ll buy out the cold medicine aisle and grab some comfort food for dinner. Then we’ll hunker down for the night, watch TV and snooze. I’d be very surprised if any play took place. I think I could be game if Lion is but I doubt he will be. From the sound of things, if we have the same cold/flu that’s been going around my office, we’ll be sick for at least a week before we start to feel any better. That’s why I need to lay in a supply of cold medicines so we can weather this storm.


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    Hope you both feel better soon! Lots of Vitamin C might help. 🙂

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