The dog woke me up a few times this morning to go out. At one point Lion was awake when I came back to bed. He said he was dreaming about bacon and it made him try to get hard. He never knew bacon made him horny. Obviously I had to make bacon for breakfast! We also had one of Lion’s favorites – blueberry walnut pancakes.

Last night I punished Lion for eating first and spilling food on himself a few nights before. I used a wooden spoon. When I’d gotten him sufficiently rosy I used a hairbrush to exact the interest on the punishment loan he required when he was too cold to come out from under the blankets. The wooden spoon was used in true punishment fashion – mostly light swats with a few hard thrown in. The interest was four hard swats. I used a different implement and harder swats to dissuade him from taking out punishment loans on a regular basis.

A while later I unlocked him and worked on getting him hard. It took a little bit but I was rewarded with a nice erection. I used my hand for a while and then brought out the Magic Wand. Fast or slow, Lion loves that vibrator. Eventually I settled on the speed at which Lion will buck into my hand. He wasn’t exactly bucking but I knew I’d hit his stride. I got him very close several times. I didn’t give him much rest in between either. He was panting when I stopped. I think if I had gone one more stroke he would have come. Too bad.

I let him stay wild for a bit. He’s been asking me if I want him to put the ring on. Sometimes I do forget. Last night I think I might have surprised him by telling him to put it on with no reminder from him.

I’m not quite sure why but the ring has gone on fairly smoothly since I re-caged him. I used to have so much trouble getting the threads lined up. The biggest trouble I have now is convincing Mr. Weenie he needs to stop trying to get hard so I can shove him in to be locked up. He really does have a mind of his own at times.