In this morning’s post, Lion was wondering how I could choose things that we use in play to be punishment for him. What else am I supposed to do? Lion’s been around the block a few times. I’m pretty sure there aren’t too many things I could do to him that haven’t been done already. The only two that come to mind are Velcro and the tiny clothespins.

When Lion asked how I’d punish him for multiple infractions while at the movies, I had to think fast. He needed to be deterred from thinking he could break the rule once and get away with making more comments with no repercussions. Harder spanking wouldn’t really work. I decided to add different things to spanking.

It’s true that I already make him sit on the punishment stool sometimes and I’ve soaped his mouth. At that point in time it was what Lion called dessert. A little after-punishment amuse bouche to cleanse the palate. There’s absolutely no reason I can’t use those things as actual punishment. And there’s no reason I couldn’t sit him in the corner instead of spanking him. I’m directing this show. I can write it and rewrite it however I see fit.

I may never use those things as separate punishment. I may choose something entirely different. (I’m thinking menthol and capsaicin rubs are begging to be used as punishment.) Or I could combine any number of things depending on the crime and severity. If I think he’s pushing my buttons I might just push his right back. He knows a hard spanking isn’t the worst I have to throw at him. He’s made sure of that. Silly boy. I mean, who voluntarily buys harsher and harsher rubs to be used on him?