Still Here

Yesterday, I wrote about my feelings that this blog is starting to not meet my needs. It’s been feeling like a black hole that sucks my efforts with no return at all. In response, Schnoff, a fellow blogger wrote:

“In the end, I think a blog has to have value to the writer, maybe in clarifying thoughts, or as a journal to come back to. If it then also has value to some people reading it, that’s a great bonus.”

He has a point. Magazines, for example, don’t measure their success by counting letters to the editor. They look at circulation and advertising revenue. The number of readers is the driving force in the publishing world.

This is a reasonable standard for any publication. I consider the Journal a publication. As such, it is successful. Lots of people read our words. My expectation that I would have lots of sparkling conversations with readers didn’t quite pan out. I’m not sure what I expected, but it’s not what turned out happening.

On the other hand, I have had some great exchanges with bright, thoughtful readers like Schnoff. I love that. My running conversation with Mrs. Lion is responsible for what success we’ve had with our power exchange. This blog is our principal tool.

Schnoff is right that ultimately the reason to do all this is that it fills some need of mine. Is my dissatisfaction based on not getting enough ego stroking? I sure hope not. I think it is what Mrs. Lion said, I don’t feel that I have much to say since not much is happening.


In any case, enough whining.

Now that my health is back in order, Mrs. Lion plans to make up for lost time. I’m sure we will have a great deal to write about.

I’m still here on the blog. I hope you keep reading.


  1. Author

    I don’t know how you keep up with such regular posting. It certainly helps that you and Mrs. Lion both post and openly communication through the blog.

    I rarely post on my blog, usually just when there has been some monumental sex scene. It’s nice if someone reads it and comments, but it is really just my semi-public way of keeping a sex journal that I can look back on.

    Thanks for keeping up with the writing as I for one find it of interest.

    1. Author

      Mrs. Lion and I talked about our writing. She likes the daily opportunity to report what’s happening in our world. I do too. It can get frustrating sometimes when I get jealous of other writers who get more public praise or when I just feel tired. I know that no one is forcing either of us to write every day. It just feels like the right thing for us to do. I do wish we would get more recognition, though 🙂

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