Back in the Cage

Lion is not sure he wants to go on writing the blog. I suggested maybe he could stop writing every day. Perhaps once a week would work out better for now. He doesn’t often have anything to write about and feels it may be because we’ve been slacking off lately. I suggested his wearing the cage again as a way to get us focused. I don’t think he really wants that but he’s willing to consider it.

As I’m writing this I’m thinking Lion is saying that I haven’t been consistent. However, it’s been his allergies that have stopped play most recently. I’m sure neither of us is really pointing a finger at the other but I can see how those feeling might be in the back of our minds.What we need to do to combat those feelings is get back to basics. I guess that’s why I suggested locking him up again.

Whether or not I banish Mr. Weenie to the Jail Bird, I do need to be more consistent. Even on nights that I don’t feel well I can shove a butt plug into Lion. I can make him move over to snuggle with me instead of me always moving over to snuggle with him. I do have options available to show him who’s boss. On the other hand, if he’s the one who is in pain or itchy, I don’t really want to subject him to anything. I don’t even want to suggest that he’s in trouble for not wanting to play. That’s not what our power exchange is all about. First and foremost we care about each other.

Yesterday we didn’t play but by nighttime I was feeling well enough to tease Lion. I edged him several times and then I surprised him by giving him a full hand job. At the time he had no idea how long his wait had been. He thought it was only three days. Nope. Five. His previous wait had been four days. Perhaps the next will be six. I haven’t decided yet. And I don’t think I’d tell him if I had decided. I like the element of surprise. I think he does too.