Waxing and Waning

Lion is a very horny boy. At this point I’m torn between giving him an orgasm and making him wait. I love giving him orgasms. I love edging him. What to do. What to do.

I’m wondering if it’s possible for him to wait long enough to lose some interest and then become horny again. In other words, at what point will he be less horny, and if he continues to wait, will he circle back to being as horny as he is now? Is there truly a cycle like that? I know eventually he’ll lose interest. Not entirely. But his interest will drop off dramatically.

I’m not sure I really want to find out. I’m not a fan of long waits. I have a feeling it would take at least another week from this point before he shows any signs of being less interested. It may take another week before he’s tree-humping horny again. It’s an interesting experiment but not one that I want to do. It seems like too much for both of us.

This morning Lion wrote, in part, about post orgasm torture. I’ve done it once or twice to him on purpose. I’ve also done it a few times by accident. I think it makes his orgasm less enjoyable. He says he’ll still enjoy the orgasm. Yes, the orgasm itself will still be enjoyable but the afterglow will be rudely interrupted. I’d rather have him enjoy the whole process. (I am aware that any cock and ball torture may not be pleasurable. I’m only dealing with the orgasm itself.)

I can throw some POT in there every once in a while. I will not do it each time. Of course, like everything else I am adamant about not doing, I’ll probably wind up doing it if Lion really wants me to do it. We’ll have to see how it goes.

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    In my experience, as long as the edging continues, my horniness level never really drops off. It seems to rise more-or-less linearly for the first week to quite a high level, then at a slower rate to *really* horny over the next week or two. There it stays, at least up until six weeks (I’ve never gone longer than that).

    The key is the frequent (essentially daily – sometimes more than once) edging, teasing (even verbally – no contact required), and giving orgasms to my wife. All of these things keep my interest very high indeed!

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