The Means May Be Way More Fun Than The End!

lion wait for aug-oct
Here are my wait times since August. Today is day 10 of my current wait. (Clilck image to enlarge.)

My perspective on wait times between ejaculations is changing. I used to believe that a week was a very long time to wait. Mrs. Lion generally got me off every six days or so; at least that’s the average for this year. More recently, beginning in September, my waits have been longer. The average is over 9 days. The last three have been 10 days or more. I know this isn’t a conscious plan. Mrs. Lion doesn’t generally work that way.

She’s been edging me with a lot more energy than in the past. She pushes me very hard to the very brink over and over. She also seems to be having fun doing it. Oddly, I am having fun too. I may be frustrated in the end, but I love the way she is controlling me.

She’s also offering more pain as well. Saturday, she put some Icy Hot on my balls; not a lot, just enough to burn. I like it when she does a “racing stripe” with it. This last time was a “blob” on the lower area. Sunday, she strapped me into the sling. It was the first time since my surgery in April. She started by pegging me with the 1-1/2 inch diameter Silk dildo. She took her time and gave me a large dose of uncomfortable in-out action. She alternated fast strokes with deep in-strokes, then nearly full withdrawal. That’s the hardest for me to take. She knows this and is training me to accept it as well as allow full withdrawal and reinsertion without complaint.

Following pegging, she put sandpaper-covered clothespins on my balls; a good number. She then masturbated me to the edge and removed one or two at a time. Edge, take off a clothespin, rinse and repeat. When they were all gone, she continued, pushing me further and further toward ejaculation. I never made it over the top.

In the end, I didn’t feel frustrated as much as worn out by those many trips up the mountain. I loved it! She knows exactly how to excite me and push me toward orgasm. She also knows when to stop. At one point we both thought I was going to have a ruined orgasm. She made no move to rescue it. I didn’t ejaculate. I like that she was willing to let it be ruined.

I’m in no rush to ejaculate. We’re both having too much fun, I think, to end it any time soon. At one point, Mrs. Lion wrote that two orgasms a month are plenty. She was joking at the time. But now it seems more reasonable to me. I am interested to learn how long my desire to wait continues. There may be a point when my arousal starts to taper off, or I might get too desperate for that elusive orgasm.

If either of those things happens, I don’t think that should be Mrs. Lion’s signal to let me ejaculate. That would be way too manipulative of me. Her decision may be influenced by my reactions to her edging, but shouldn’t be controlled by anything I do or don’t do.

If I’m right and she is having fun edging me, then it makes sense for a long wait before my next orgasm. I know her usual signal to let me come is when I buck or produce precum. I suggest that those things show her how well she is teasing me, not that it’s time for release.

Speaking of release, once she did post-orgasm torture (POT). She massaged the head of my penis just after I ejaculated. It’s very sensitive then. I squirmed and tried to get away. I would like her to do that again, maybe often. Why? Because it takes the total pleasure away from release. It’s an incentive to extend my waits between ejaculations.

In fact, not doing it after ejaculation could be a reward for supporting a specific wait. If, for example, I am happy with a 14 day wait, but don’t want to wait longer, then Mrs. Lion could promise to give me my next orgasm without POT if I encourage a wait of 21 days. It’s a way to help me want edging more than orgasm, if that’s possible. In the meantime, the masochist in me likes the idea of POT whenever I come.

How’s that for a change in attitude?



  1. Author

    Once again, I totally agree with everything you say here.
    I have learned to enjoy the stimulation leading up to the end and have found that I don’t want it to stop and in fact, no, I don’t want to orgasm. My wife will sometimes ask me if I want to cum when I am near the edge. My body wants to, but my mind says no.
    We are becoming more accustomed to sex without orgasm. Sometimes we play or have intercourse and rather than a climax, we just fade away. Of course, when she is having an orgasm with the magic wand, I usually don’t get any release. I just go to sleep horny. My fantasies now run to very prolonged lengths of time between release, like rather than 3 weeks, go at least 3 months.
    This probably works well for my wife’s decreasing libido.

    As for POT, I really don’t want that, It’s like “no more, stop now”.
    My wife has not figured out that this could be a torment to me and until now the masochist in me had not thought of it as a logical byproduct of being allowed to ejaculate.

  2. Author

    That’s a big change. I know that personally I’m still very horny after almost 300 days. But the edging is so much fun—and frustrating! lol

  3. Author

    Lion, Enjoyable post. The question I have for you is, How is it with a change in attitude?

    1. Author

      Wow Lion that sounded very pompous of me. You did tell us how it was with a different attitude. Sorry. I’m trying to work on being less of an snarky old man.
      Thats why I’m still working out the right words to tell you I like Mrs Lion the best! Don’t want to hurt any feelings.

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