I read an amusing comment on a chastity blog. I forget the topic, but one guy responded that he sometimes gets locked up on a weekend. He doesn’t understand how people can do it (sic: be locked up) all the time. That made me laugh out loud. Apparently enforced chastity has to keep him entertained for it to work. I pointed out that boredom had nothing to do with it. I’m locked up 24/7 and only come out for play, orgasms, and the odd medical visit. As far as I know, I don’t have a boredom escape clause. I do have an emergency key, but Mrs. Lion never told me that I could use it if I got bored with chastity.

Apparently there are guys who get locked up as a way to spice up their sex lives and they stay locked only so long as it is fun. I suspect that these are the solo players; the guys who lock themselves up and eventually unlock for a wank. It isn’t my intent to put anyone down, but I think that like tennis, enforced chastity requires at least two players. Otherwise you end up hitting the ball over the net and then running around to the other side to return it. That can quickly get boring and quite tiring as well.

I used to have a fantasy about being caged and several women having the key. My wife was the primary keyholder. The others were friends who stood in for her when she traveled. It wasn’t as if there were dozens of women who could unlock me and tease me. In my fantasy there was only one other good friend. You have to admit it is an interesting twist on polyamory. This makes no sense in reality, but I mention it only to show that you can indeed make enforced chastity less boring.

The truth is that I’m not bored. Mrs. Lion provides all the variety I want. I do spend a good part of the time frustrated. Occasionally I am sorry that I opened my mouth (or keyboard) and caused myself some grief. But that’s my nature. And then there are times I am entertained and satisfied. Saturday night was one of those. I got a great spanking. Mrs. Lion could have gone on much longer than she did. Of course, after I turned over, the entertainment continued climaxing with…well, a climax. How cool is that?

Speaking of spanking, I ran across a spanking video that was very interesting and hot in a masochistic way. It opened with a man, pants and underpants down, across a fully dressed woman’s lap. He was carrying his weight on his outstretched arms and his legs dangled a few inches from the floor. She was sitting on an armless chair. There was no music or pretend plot. She began, as Mrs. Lion does, with some bare-handed swats. Then she used the back of a large hairbrush and just went at it. This wasn’t acting. She was turning him redder and redder. The entire thing lasted about two minutes or so. That was long enough for her to make her point. She did stop a couple of times to say something to him and then resumed.

This video was devoid of sex. It was apparently a wife disciplining her husband. I suspect it was real and not some bit of porn. It felt like our tease and deny video, a slice of life shot for the entertainment of the people in it. Though in the case of the spanking video, it could well have been a lesson that could be played back if hubby forgot what happens if he is naughty. Since I am writing about it, you can tell that it got to me on some level. If Mrs. Lion used her paddle that way on me, I know that I, like the hubby in the video, will hate every second of it. But I think on a much deeper level it would deliver a message I very much want to hear.

Ok, that has nothing to do with my enforced chastity. It has to do with me and my kinks. Do you want to know about this stuff too? Let me know.