I’m not sure what turns me on now. It’s an odd feeling; I miss sexual activity but I’m not horny. Maybe I’m like an old racehorse, munching grass in a meadow, remembering those amazing Saturday afternoons when I ran headlong around the track. Am I out to pasture? I know, I say this sort of thing and then recover the old energy. One day that’s not going to happen. Maybe it isn’t now, but it’s inevitable.

Let’s assume that now is that time. What would change? Clearly, there would be no anxiously waiting for the next orgasm; no more edging. The sexual power exchange would die with my loss of libido. What about our FLR? Is sexual tension the foundation on which it is built? I’ve been thinking about it. Arousal is one of the most powerful motivators for a male in a FLR. Sexual arousal is like a light drawing a moth. It’s the arousing thought of a spanking that drives men to accept what turns out to be a painful beating.

What if the sexual motivation is absent? Would I still submissively get into position and stay there while I am beaten? Would I want new rules? The big question is simply: Is male submission rooted in sexual feelings?

Of course, it’s impossible to generalize, but based on what I’ve observed, the vast majority of guys who seek to be dominated by a woman are driven by the overwhelming sexual excitement of being in that role. I admit that my attraction to enforced male chastity as well as FLR have sexual roots. I wasn’t entirely driven by sex. I had other reasons as well.

Reasons for entry notwithstanding, now that I am in it, what will keep me there? I could say that nothing will and if I let it go, so will Mrs. Lion. If the only reason that Mrs. Lion has assumed her role is to please me, has all this time living it given her a different reason to keep it going. I really don’t know if that’s happened.

So far, through horny time and uninterested times, our FLR with discipline continues unabated. Neither of us views sex as a necessary ingredient to this power exchange. Obviously, our sexual power exchange becomes moot during these times. Do we have a strong enough foundation to go on, long term, without it?

Of course, tonight Mrs. Lion might turn on the Magic Wand and my libido comes out from hiding. Even if it does, the big question still stays hanging over us: Can we sustain our power exchange without the red-hot, racing fuel of sex?


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    Have you tried changing your diet. When I went on a low sugar (man-made added sugars), my energy and vigor returned. Also, I got tested for low T. Sure enough, that was it.

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    I see no reason why your libido has to disappear. I don’t think that is inevitable at all. And your power exchange may or may not die out. But I would think your Lioness has a thing to say about that. lol

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    I think a case of notfeelingcontrolledenoughitis. (NFCE). For most of the time you live happy with an illusion that you are being controlled and then every now and again it dawns that Mrs Lion is only doing it for you.

    A good remedy for NFCE is for Mrs Lion to more obviously get something out of it such a foot or body massage or extra chores. Whatever it is is best backed up by DD.

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      I don’t want to speak for her, but there is a solid benefit for her too. It isn’t sexual. It’s that she is able to emerge and get her needs met. What we do is helping us both in different important ways.

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