Life and the Lions

Yesterday we installed a new light fixture in the yard to replace one that died. Lion’s shoulder is still out of commission for the most part so I was up and down the ladder. I took Tylenol to ward off pain before it started and it seemed to work fairly well. I had to take a few breaks along the way but we got the job done. Today is reserved for shopping and laundry and I don’t feel any worse than normal after being up a ladder yesterday.

At dinner Lion said he thought he might be back to his old self again. We tested that theory by snuggling and then I gave him oral. It seemed like he was getting close but he asked if we could stop. He felt like he was stuck. He’d gotten so far and then couldn’t get the rest of the way. I guess it felt good but the was some hurdle he couldn’t get past. No problem. We’ll try again tonight. One way or another I’ll get him to the edge whether it’s tonight or whenever.

Maybe it’s because I generally go with the flow, but I’m usually not as concerned as Lion is when things don’t go well. He’s sure he’s broken for good. He’ll never have another orgasm. I’ll find someone new and leave him and the dog. That’s silly. The dog is coming with me! (Teasing, Lion.) I know deep down he knows I’m not going anywhere, he’ll have another orgasm and within a few days things will be back to normal.

Part of wielding my power is knowing when to wield my power. He may not feel like being edged or pegged but the rules are still in effect. I may not punish him right away. I may just keep a list of infractions for a night when he’s up to it. If he’s not in the mood then it loses some of its effectiveness. He’d be more likely to have negative feelings for me than to be mad at himself for doing the crime. I may be wrong but that’s what I think right now.

At any rate, life goes on and as long as we’re still moving forward we’re good. Sex and play will fall into place soon. We’ll both make sure of that.