Can I Finish a Thought?

oh, i'm sorry... did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning or yours?
Lion has been interrupting a lot lately.

Lion was not in the best of moods when the doctor told him his surgery had failed. For almost a week he moped around. And he was in a sexual slump too. Who wouldn’t be? Then he found out the surgeon was wrong and things are better. Except for one thing. He’s been interrupting again. It doesn’t matter what it is, he interrupts. Since he was moping I decided not to punish him for it. I usually restart my sentence with “as I was saying…” or “continuing with my thought…” just to give him a hint that he’s treading on thin ice. I seems to go right over his head.

Last night I said the light on the garage door opener was on so I… and he cut me off by telling me how to fix it. I sighed. I said, “Done. I already did it. And if you had let me finish my sentence you would have known that.” I told him he’d been interrupting a lot lately and I’ve given him a pass up till then. He said he was sorry and that he’s had a lot on his mind between Dr. Arrogant and the project at work. And he knows that’s not an excuse. And am I going to punish him? Oh yeah. Yes. Definitely.

Because, you see, I’ve been having some issues at work too. And we talk about them like we talk about his issues at work. And I know I have to look for a new job and I hate looking for a new job. So I have a lot on my mind too, between Dr. Arrogant and my issues at work and bills and cleaning and, and, and, and…. And that one interruption was the straw that broke the Lioness’ back. I can be accommodating to a point. Beyond that point I’m done.

But wait, there’s more. Lion was in pain last night. He took a sleeping pill and then some pain pills. He was itchy so we changed the bed at 11:30 pm. And then we were wide awake again. And now the talkative Lion came out. He was hungry. Did I want an orgasm? What can I get for you? I feel bad that I don’t do enough for you. I guess I’m in for a long spanking and mouth soaping. Or time on the punishment stool. We have to put more sandpaper on the punishment stool. We have to get a dildo for the punishment stool. You should make me sit on a dildo on the punishment stool. And on and on. He doesn’t believe he’s high when he acts like this. I hope he is. I’m just glad he’s not like this all the time.

To be clear, he will be spanked tonight – probably OTK. He may or may not wind up with soap in his mouth. He will wind up in the corner, with or without the punishment stool. Definitely without a dildo on the punishment stool. I may change my mind but I don’t really like the dildo idea.

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    In this case, the mouth soaping sounds warranted! I can attest that a mouth soaping after a good hard spanking is an excellent way to teach one to watch his/her mouth.

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