Busy Night

Last night we made plans to go out to dinner. It was also garbage night. It was also punishment night. And the smoke alarm was beeping. So many things to do. And don’t forget, we were going to do Zapardy.

Well, the garbage got done on the way to going to dinner. We got home just as Jeopardy started so we didn’t bother playing Zapardy. Lion snoozed for a bit and I took my shower. As soon as I moved over to snuggle, I remembered we agreed to do maintenance swats. I decided they could wait a bit. Lion remembered them too. He said he didn’t know if he should mention it or not. And that’s all he had to say because I told him I already remembered. He’s a good boy for reminding me of everything on my list last night.

When I got around to it, I selected the hairbrush shaped paddle. He’d told me earlier in the day that swats may be best delivered in a 4-4-8 pattern. No idea why. Apparently someone researched it and came up with that as the optimal way to do it. I prefer a hard swat on each cheek, a pause, another hard swat on each cheek, another pause. Rinse and repeat. However, I decided if four swats and four swats is optimum, we can give it a try. Granted, these were maintenance swats and not punishment swats, but I still had to make it look good.

In between the first set of four and the second set, Lion said he knew I wasn’t trying to hit my hardest but it still hurt. Good. This is like batting practice for both of us. I need practice giving and he needs practice receiving. Since his shoulder was hurting, I stopped after eight total swats. Why add insult to injury? At least he felt them for a little while.

The biggest disappointment of last night was the dead battery on the Magic Wand. Lion said he needed a little assistance and asked if we could use it. No dice. So I did the next best thing. Oral. I surprised Lion by making him come again. I got a small amount of semen. I think I may have to give edging a try for a few days to see if I can build up a reserve. Not that I’m not edging him before I give him an orgasm. I mean I’ll edge him and make him wait.

Tonight I’ll give him some more maintenance swats. Maybe I’ll make it through the whole 4-4-8. Or should I say maybe he’ll make it through the whole 4-4-8. And if he’s amenable, we can try the newly charged Magic Wand for some edging fun.