Not Just A Game To 2.0.

Mrs. Lion has defined “lioness 2.0” as the stricter, more consistent version of herself. She’s said that 2.0 will spank harder and longer. She will expect results. She won’t be interested in how I feel about it. Follow my rules or else! That is what she aspires to reach as a disciplining wife. I’ve been thinking about this in a slightly different way.

If I look more deeply into our domestic discipline, there is evidence that there is a significant barrier that prevents the arrival of 2.0. Consider a pattern we have established. Mrs. Lion is comfortable punishing me for spilling food on my shirt, eating first, or forgetting to remind her of punishment day. All of these infractions are minor and in no way can be considered true annoyances for her.  But when I interrupt her, she is really bothered. I have a rule in place that I should never interrupt her. I do anyway. And, interestingly, I’m almost never punished for doing it.

I have a theory: The rules like spilling food are more play than real. They can easily be seen as part of a sexy, BDSM game with painful consequences for me. Mrs. Lion is happy to work harder at spotting offenses and punishing me for committing them. But when I interrupt, there isn’t a word, much less a beating, for doing it. I think that punishing me for things that really bother her makes domestic discipline too real to my lioness.

It’s a line that separates serious discipline from the game. I think Mrs. Lion understands this. Lioness 2.0 lives on the non-game side of domestic discipline. When 2.0 arrives, any annoyance, especially interrupting, will result in considerable suffering for me. Yes, the game will still be there. That’s what keeps me coming back and willing to suffer punishments. But the tone will be different. Just as I work to avoid eating first, I will be very careful not to interrupt or do anything else that will result in 2.0 punishing me.

I’ve been wondering why the wall between 1.0 and 2.0 is so high. Maybe Mrs. Lion is worried that getting serious will hurt our relationship. Perhaps becoming 2.0 requires some internal changes as well. As long as it is a game, the balance of roles remains as it always was. Yes, she is in control. But that control is a component of a game I want to play. When she is 2.o, it’s not my game anymore. It’s her real authority. That’s a dramatic change for both of us.

Obviously, Mrs. Lion could just add interrupting to her game rather than make the more profound change to 2.0. I don’t think she’ll do that. We both realize that regardless of which rule is being enforced, 2.0 seriously wants me to change and 1.0 doesn’t care. It’s not just a game to 2.0.

From my perspective, maybe I am better off with 1.0. She’s learned to make spankings hurt. 2.0 will make them more memorable. I think that 2.0 will also use additional childish punishments to make her point. She isn’t playing the game. She uses my need to play to get the cooperation she needs to make me change any way she wants.

Mrs. Lion says she feels that 2.0 is close. If so, our world will change. I don’t think the change will hurt us as a couple, but it will be a game changer for me


  1. Author

    Making the transition from game to the real thing is an interesting concept. My wife will occasionally whip my ass, but it is really because I want her to, not usually in the form of punishment or anything serious. Therefore it is still just a “game”. Last year I proposed that on the occasion of our 30th anniversary we could renew our vows in a new form wherein I would be acknowledged to be her slave. She wasn’t interested.
    I believe that was way too much reality and put too much upon her.
    She has become more comfortable whipping my ass hard with her belt, but is still not ready to change the game. I say not ready, maybe she never will be and I am working at accepting what I have.

    1. Author

      I think that changing a relationship dynamic is a very gradual process. Going from an occasional whipping to “slave” is probably more than any partner can stand. Consider our approach. I asked Mrs. Lion to enforce a few rules. They were non-threatening and almost certain for me to violate. She spanks me when I break one. Case closed.

      Now, well over a year later, I’ve asked her to move to the next step: enforcing her will and punishing me for upsetting her. This will be difficult. Again, no slavery or anything extreme.

      Maybe an approach like this can work for you.

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