Working Lion

Lion went in to work today. It was supposed to be for a few meetings. When I got home at 3 he still wasn’t home. He may be stuck in traffic or still waiting for his Uber ride. It’s kind of weird being home alone. Except for doctor appointments, Lion has been home for the past four weeks.

This morning Lion sent me an email at work. It was nice to see the tradition begin again. In his email, he said he was horny and not in pain. Yay! Those are two things I love to hear. I’m not sure if he’ll be in pain when he gets home. He may have overdone his I’m-free-to-roam-at-will outing. I told him to take it easy.

It’s hours later now. Lion is home, no worse for wear. He’s not in pain, although he did snooze for a while. I think we both did. I think going to work did him some good. He was almost convinced that they would get rid of him once they figured out they could survive without him. Now he knows they still want him. That’s always a nice feeling.

Since he snoozed earlier, he should be raring to go for sex later. In his email, he said I could start teasing him again. Tonight he says it’s time for an orgasm. I think the “old” Lion is definitely back. I’m not sure he’ll actually get that orgasm, but it’s nice to hear him say he wants one.

We have to be careful. I can’t let Lion do too much now that he’s not in pain. It’s too easy to overdo it and hurt himself. Of course, his shoulder will let him know when he’s done something stupid. Good thing his shoulder is so far from the parts I’ll be playing with.

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    I hope you are able to restore your old posts. I was really enjoying being a voyeur in your discovery and growth in your FLR blog. I am not sure “voyeur” is the actual correct word .. perhaps “fascination” is more appropriate … Anyway I hope to have the opportunity to continue my exploration of your story both in the past and the future… wishing you both the best.. Peace

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