I’m sorry for the delay posting. It has been painful to use my right arm, even for small tasks like typing. Right now it is feeling better. I can’t attempt to restore our pages and posts until later today. There’s an issue with our security certificate. It was good to see Mrs. Lion posting again. I’m hoping things get back to normal soon.

We’ve had our shares of misunderstandings. For example, I asked why Mrs. Lion was using the new car every day. She had never been willing to drive any of my previous purchases. I grumbled a bit that it will be old before I can get behind the wheel. I didn’t mean that I didn’t want her to use it. It was just an idle grumble brought on with my frustration at being disabled. It had nothing to do with how I felt about her driving it. I’m fine if she wants to use it every day.

On Saturday, her ex-husband called. Apparently, he would rather visit us this summer. We had discussed going to a wonderful resort. I grumbled at the news. I am worried that I still won’t have that much use of my right arm until fall. Anything that adds complication and activity to my life gets a grumble right now. If they want to visit, I’m fine with it. At this point, it makes more sense for them to come here. A cross-country flight and adapting to a hotel room would be far more difficult for me than being based here at home.

My rules are back in effect. More than my arm will be sore if I’m not careful. I am horny again; at least on and off. I was interested to read in her post yesterday that Mrs Lion won’t consider oral attention if I am furry.I’m never really furry, but there can be some growth on my balls and around the base of my penis. She never expressed any strong feelings about the state of the landscaping before.

She does the shaving. But based on her post, it sounds like I need to be sure to remind her to do it. The penalty for not convincing her to keep me hairless is no oral attention until the hair is gone again. Interesting. Of course she can just shave me if she wants to use her mouth.

She didn’t promise that I would get her mouth even if there is no hair, but she clearly said that there is no chance if I display any growth. I suppose it’s fair that I own keeping track of my foliage. I adore her mouth on me. I love my balls licked too. It’s up to me to be sure I am properly groomed.

I have missed our stricter FLR. I think Mrs. Lion has too. That’s a bit surprising to me. I thought she has been my disciplining wife just because it pleases me. I’m sure that’s still largely the case, but she is evolving. She is coming up with her own ideas. This latest one is a complete surprise to me. More than that, it makes perfect sense.

She also mentioned that I am still interrupting her. Yup, looks like I will have more than a sore shoulder from now on.