A Little More Adventurous

Lion has been handling the pain with Tylenol for the most part. He did take a pain pill last night, but we think he’s been tensing his shoulder to protect it. He guards it when I’m helping him with his exercises. He just won’t relax. He’s afraid I’ll let go of him and he’ll get hurt. He knows I wouldn’t do that, but he’s afraid. He’s definitely been more aware of his surroundings now that he stopped taking the pain pills. I’m not sure how those pills affect other people, but they make Lion sleepy and loopy.

I think he’s been cooped up for too long. He wants to go out later for toothpaste. I know that sounds unexciting, but he’s trying to be adventurous. There’s only so much walking around the house you can do before you have to go somewhere else. Even if he does nothing more than sit in the car while I get the toothpaste, at least he’s gone further than the kitchen. Our yard is not really conducive to going for a walk. The local grocery store is the equivalent of mall walking. Baby steps.

As I write this, I notice he’s snoozing again. His sleep cycle, our sleep cycle, is all screwed up. He sleeps here and there and that translates to being awake half the night. I wind up awake right along side him. Then I wind up asleep right along side him during the day. I decided this morning that I feel better when I get up and do things during the day. Yesterday, I mowed the lawn because it was sunny and there aren’t many sunny days around here. I was definitely tired after that so snoozing made perfect sense.

Today I’m catching up on laundry. Most of the chores I had envisioned doing while I was home with Lion, haven’t gotten done because I failed to take lack of sleep into account. I’ve been doing what all new mothers learn to do. I’ve been sleeping while the baby sleeps. But that takes me out of the game for doing what needs to get done. Now that he’s sleeping less, or being less of a helpless baby, I can do some of those chores.

At this point, Lion says it’s too difficult to type. I thought maybe he might have a post for tomorrow, but so far it doesn’t look good. I’m just glad he’s feeling a little better.


  1. Author

    Does he say silly things?

    I’ve been through a couple surgeries with my husband, and the crazy things he says while on pain meds have helped keep me sane. And often made excellent blog fodder.

    It sounds like you’re doing okay. But don’t forget to take care of YOU too! 🙂

    1. Author

      Aside from mumbling things that are a mixture of what he hears on TV and whatever he’s “dreaming” about, he hasn’t said anything funny. Several years ago, while in the hospital for a leg infection, he told me that pine trees are smart because they grow straight. Another day he said he was where the police thought he should be. I was looking forward to ridiculous babbling, but I didn’t get any. 🙁

      1. Author

        Hahaha! I’ll have to make note of the intelligence levels of the trees I meet from now on. 🙂

  2. Author

    The Best thing you are in your new home ready to explore this new chapter in your Life. We wish you the very best moving is so hard and intrusive be well my friends Mistress and myself wish you both the best…. Thank you for your blog..

    1. Thanks for the good wishes. We need them!

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