Not All Of Me Is In A Sling

It’s been more than a week since the last time I posted. As I’m sure you know, a lot has happened over these last days.  The most significant, of course, is my rotator cuff surgery. Like other shoulder surgeries, there is a long period of recuperation featuring many small and large inconveniences. The good news for me, at least, is that the pain isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

One significant inconvenience of recovery is the long-lasting effects of anesthesia and prophylactic antibiotics. While it feels like the anesthesia wears off after a few hours, the reality is the effects on me physically and emotionally stretch out for a week or more.  I’ve learned that a lot of the odd behavior I attributed to opioid painkillers is more likely due to the half-life of the various chemicals pumped into me for anesthesia. So, here I am a week and a day after my shoulder operation. My mind is clear, the pain is manageable, and I’m beginning to regain the energy I lost.

So, I’m back – mostly. I’m growing used to wearing a sling and, more importantly, I’m learning to ask for and accept  Mrs. Lion’s help.  While it might be fun to pretend that her maternal ministrations are another artifact of our power exchange, it would be ridiculous to say this. She’s helping me as my mate and partner. There is no psychosexual power exchange implied in any of the stuff we do on a daily basis. Even the activities that would normally carry penalties or rewards don’t show even a hint of BDSM activities.

I tried to remember to mention punishment days on Mondays and Thursdays. I get a “good boy” when I do it.  We both smile. I enjoy being bathed by her. She has a way of adding sexy touches to most contacts we have. I really like them! However, at this point she isn’t getting an erection as a reward for her attention. Well now that the drugs are finally wearing off, I suspect that some focused attention will bring my penis back to life.

For the next two weeks, all physical therapy I am receiving is passive. I am not allowed to use my shoulder muscles had all. But I have to move my arm; or more correctly have my arm moved without my help. This is important to help the newly attached tendon regain elasticity and to protect the shoulder from freezing out of disuse.

I think it may be time for active sexual therapy. We both recognize that the surgery and recovery have to remain top priorities. However, we can multitask and help me slowly regain use of my shoulder and at the same time regain sexual pleasure.

So far, I don’t think that my demands have overwhelmed my lioness. It may be that once the surgical drugs completely dissipate, I could become more impatient and demanding. I don’t think so. I’m enjoying my ability to do things on my own. So there is a balance between the frustration of semi-helplessness and the sheer pleasure of conquering my temporary disability.

I’m back. I can’t promise to post every day; at least not yet. But I do have time to think about more on-topic material and I am definitely feeling those little tingles that tell me I am preparing to return to my former sexual self.

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    I’m so glad it’s all going well so far. It’s nice to read your blog again. Love from England????

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