T-Minus One Day

We are in the final stages of surgery preparations. Well, surgery recovery preparations. The only thing we can do to prep for the actual surgery is to make sure Lion doesn’t have anything to eat after midnight. I have to fix up a few shirts so Lion has something to wear with his sling and we have to change a water filter, and I think we’re pretty much done. Anything else can be done afterwards, or we don’t even know we need to do it yet.

Outwardly, you can’t tell Lion is shaking in his boots. He hides it well. He says I should know he’s anxious. How would I know if he doesn’t show me? Plus, he goes from seeming confident about things to freaking out and back to confident throughout the day. I’m never sure when we’ve crossed the line into anxiety until he tells me. I’ll have to learn to tread lightly.

Apparently, Lion is still reading about the surgery. Some reports say the pain is gone after a few days. Some say a week. Some say the pain is about as bad as before the surgery. Others say it’s worse. I think it depends on the person and the extent of the damage in the shoulder. But Lion is doing what Lion does. He absorbs all information about a subject to learn every aspect. I can’t fault him for that. I do the same thing. To a point. Once I have a good idea how things will work, I stop researching and relax. Does that mean I’m less prepared? Sometimes. But I tend to roll with the punches more than Lion does.

Since we don’t know exactly what will happen in terms of a drugged Lion, tomorrow’s post is likely the last one you’ll see from him for a few days. Barring any weird outcomes, (did they attach Lion’s shoulder to his forehead?) I’ll keep everyone up to date on his condition in my posts. Traditionally, when he’s drugged, he says some wild things. He doesn’t always see the humor in them right away, but eventually he laughs at himself. And my Facebook friends enjoy his comedy act.

I have a list of things I’d like to accomplish in the week or so that I’m home, but I’m fairly sure I’ll be hovering close to Lion for the first few days, at least. I have books to read. I have posts to write. I have games to play. I’m sure I’ll be snoozing next to him at times. Most of all, I’ll be taking care of him and making sure he doesn’t hurt himself by trying to do too much. That’s a full time job all by itself.