Life is full of choices. Some, seemingly-trivial decisions can start an avalanche of change. Changes pile up on top of other changes until life becomes unrecognizable. Other choices are filled with dread like envelopes from the IRS. Once opened, they turn out to be innocent, nearly-irrelevant pieces of information. Most of us try to avoid change; or when that’s impossible, do things that can be easily reversed.

Retailers understand this. For example, the people who make our new bed offer a 100-day money-back guarantee. Sleep on it for 100 days. If you don’t like it, you can tell them to pick it up and you get all your money back. Sounds pretty safe. It’s not. In order to return your new bed, you need another bed to replace it. If you save your old one, then you can use it. Really? Who is going to take the old bed apart? How do you pack it and ship it back? Who’s going to help move the old one back in and set it up?

The people who made your new bed understand how unlikely it is that you can actually use that guarantee. I’ll bet that very few people actually do it. The truth is that the manufacturer is offering you a rationalization for spending a lot of money. The more something costs, the more careful people tend to be about buying it. So, if you give them the illusion that they can get their money back if they are unhappy, they are much more likely to make the purchase.

There are other choices that are no fun if it is easy to back out. Specifically, the choice to surrender sexual control isn’t particularly interesting if a quick wank in the shower cancels it. Hence the birth of the male chastity device. While the retailer wants to create the illusion that the customer is in control, male chastity is just the opposite.

Like the 100-day-money-back guarantee, the idea of enforced chastity is real, but not as attractive as it sounds. Male chastity is a choice made by the male. He decides that he wants to surrender sexual control. He asks his keyholder to take on this power. He wants to believe that once that chastity device is locked on, he no longer has the ability to change his mind. That’s what I want.

The fact is that any of us can change our minds. If our keyholder won’t unlock us, we can remove the device with some effort. But that will never happen. Enforced male chastity is consensual. Remove the consent and the game is over.

I think it’s good to be reminded of this once in a while. I’ve been under Mrs. Lion’s control for over three years. She likes her role. And, more importantly, I like mine. No matter how it looks to others, we are doing this because we both want it. It’s a lot harder to return that bed than it is to withdraw consent.

Why is it good to think about this every so often? Because our keyholders are providing a wonderful, sometimes-frustrating service for us. While you are thinking about how all this is your choice, maybe it is also time to thank the person who makes it all possible for you.