Practicing for the Main Event

Lion’s been in pain lately. He’s been staying off his shoulder, so to speak. I’ve been doing most of the cooking and taking care of the dishes. I guess we’re both honing our “skills” for after his surgery. I don’t mind. The worst part about making dinner is figuring out what to have. Once that’s decided, the actual cooking isn’t a problem. Of course, we’re not eating any five star cooking. It’s just regular food. I have a feeling Lion will be back in the kitchen relatively soon because he’ll be bored with my simple recipes.

My job, however, is not just to keep Lion nourished. It’s to make sure he’s well-cared for and part of that is making sure he isn’t doing anything stupid. He needs to move his arm, but not too much. He needs to get to his doctor and physical therapy appointments. He needs to stay safe. Nurse 2.0 is already on the job. He’s been apologizing for asking me to make dinner, but 2.0 would be telling him to sit his butt down if he attempted to make dinner while in pain anyway.

I’m not sure what he’s going to do without me on his business trip. He’ll have to lift his suitcase and computer bag. No one will tell him to sit his butt down if he does too much. No, he’s not completely helpless. I just worry he’ll do too much and wind up in more pain. I wish I had more vacation time available to go with him to help.

Maybe it’s the Mom in me that worries so much about him. Lion is a big boy. He’s taken this trip many times. He’s been hurt for almost all of them. I just didn’t know how hurt until a few months ago. I don’t think he did either.