Saturday night Mrs. Lion gave me an orgasm. She was edging me over and over. Finally she asked,

“Do you want to come?”

[Me] “Oh, yes please!”

[Mrs. Lion] “But if I let you come tonight you won’t want to come tomorrow.” (pause) “And, if you come tomorrow, what about the next day?”

[Me] “This doesn’t sound like a good way to think of things.”

Without another word, she kept masturbating me. I went past the edge and fell over with a very nice orgasm.

While that might not have been very forward-looking of Mrs. Lion, I was grateful that she decided not to act on her train of thought. Later, after all those nice hormones wore off, I updated the “Lion’s Sex Life” widget and snuggled under the covers with my lioness.

Not surprisingly, sex after surgery has not been a concern of mine. A thoughtfully provided pamphlet advised that sex is fine as long as I protect my shoulder. Really? I will be doped up on opioids and in considerable discomfort. I’m much more concerned about whether I can sleep. Sex doesn’t even make the list.

Even now, Most of my attention is taken up alternating between wondering if I made the right decision and how can I function with just one arm. For the record, it’s my right arm. I write with my left and years ago, when allowed to jerk off, my left took care of that too. So, I’m losing my helper arm for some time.

In many ways, even considering the long, painful recuperation, this decision isn’t nearly as profound as my decision to give the key to my chastity device to Mrs. Lion. Even as I write this, I can hear you thinking that isn’t right at all. After all, I can change my mind and end the power exchange if I want. Well, no. I really can’t. Orgasm control with or without the chastity device is not mine to drop. Mrs. Lion won’t agree. I could just refuse and jerk off secretly, right? No, I can’t.

Do I mean, no I won’t? After all, my chastity device isn’t inescapable. Besides, I’m wild right now. If I unilaterally decide to end our power exchange, I will be breaching trust. Such a move will cause irreparable damage to the most important relationship of my life. Recuperation from that will be much longer than dealing with recovery from rotator cuff surgery.

It wasn’t easy to decide to ask Mrs. Lion to lock me up. But I reasoned that what I lost in sexual freedom, I would gain in restoring our physical relationship. Is not having full use of my right arm and some daily pain worth the year of painful recovery? Can I keep functioning effectively at work while dealing with this? Is the benefit worth the cost?

So far, I’ve done well with decisions like this. Male chastity and domestic discipline were risks too. I wasn’t sure I could submit on any level. I realized once we got going with enforced chastity that it would be a struggle. It was for over a year. Now, it is just part of my life. I like it.

Starting domestic discipline was easier. It took a long time before Mrs. Lion punished me severely enough to become a true deterrent to behavior she didn’t like. Once her spankings reached the needed level of severity, I wondered if I didn’t make a mistake. I decided to shut up and let things evolve. I’d like to say that I’m as comfortable with domestic discipline as I am with make chastity. I’m not.

Mrs. Lion isn’t either. I’m grateful that she isn’t totally consistent with enforcement of her rules. She sometimes lets me interrupt her with no more than a sharp growl from her. I realize that this isn’t going to last. I’ve gotten a bit of a pass due to my shoulder.

If you wonder why I want to continue with something that is difficult for me, I’ll try to explain. Unlike many/most guys who want female control and take great comfort in being disciplined, I don’t. So, for me, domestic discipline isn’t following a male-submissive world order. It’s a way to improve communication in a different way. I can’t brush off things Mrs. Lion says that I don’t like. She can’t withhold her true feelings when she is upset with me. By agreement, she’s the law in this den. She enforces it with a paddle or strap. I either learn or have a meeting with her implement of choice.

I suppose I could end this too. At this point, the damage to our relationship wouldn’t be severe.  But I don’t want to stop. No matter how much I hate being spanked, I love that Mrs. Lion is finding her voice. She is doing a wonderful job making me a better man. I don’t want that to end.