We have not been playing. We haven’t been snuggling much either. I had the idea to let Lion take the lead on things, he rejected the idea, and I never really picked the ball back up.

This morning, Lion suggested he may need to wear the cage again. The implication is that the cage makes things happen. I don’t think it’s the non-cage that is affecting things. I’m just never sure when Lion is in pain or ready to play. There’s a cure for that, though: communication.

I could, oh I don’t know, actually ask Lion if he’s in the mood for snuggling or more. What a concept! You mean talk to him? Hmmmm. Could it be that simple? Maybe the cage makes communication happen.

We have had lots going on lately. Lion is buried in his iPad looking for surgery answers. I’m just buried in my iPad normally. Sometimes I look over and he seems busy so I don’t want to bother him. But that’s silly. He can put his iPad down for a while, just as I can. There’s nothing more important than snuggling at some point in the evening.

Obviously, if Lion is in pain, it may not be full contact snuggling. But there’s nothing stopping me from rolling over and at least holding his hand or snuggling up to his good shoulder. He wouldn’t even have to stop reading.

Whether or not we actually play or I edge him, it’s still important to be close. We have been talking. It’s just mostly been about surgery. We need more “us” conversations. “Us” is what will get us through the surgery and “us” will be around a lot longer than the surgery and recovery.

Tonight, “us” will talk more. That may lead to snuggling and activities.

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    Yes, this is a very stressful period. Why not move to 2.0 being firmly in charge?

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