Sometimes Lion talks in his sleep. It usually happens when we’re just falling asleep. He did it the other night. He wants to talk about chastity and discipline and how lucky we are to have each other. It sounds just like conversations we have when he’s awake. This time, he wanted his balls rubbed. He says it helps him fall asleep. It worked. Twice. Except he was already asleep when he asked me to do it. Lion is certainly an amusing critter.

I was able to arouse Lion last night. I decided oral attention was called for. Not that he wasn’t getting aroused with just my hand, but sometimes I just want to use my mouth instead. Lion never argues with that logic. He isn’t crazy. He loves when I suck him. And last night I really sucked him hard to an orgasm.

Too many orgasms for him? I don’t think so. By now he should have had seven for the month if we were able to do our experiment. I don’t think he’s had more than four. I may decide to back off after this weekend. There’s no reason to back off or to go forward. It’s all up to me and my mood. Lion has no real say in the matter, although the orgasm-a-day was his suggestion that I decided to adopt.

He is correct when he says he can ask for things. He’s suggested a lot of the things we do. But if he wanted to see how long he could last in a wet diaper, for example, I’d let him do it. If he brought home new clothespins and wanted to see how nasty they were, we’d try them. Neither of those would necessarily be in “play mode”. He could stop any time he wanted to. When we’re playing, he has no say (short of a safe word) about whether we continue or not.

Similarly, I could bring home things to experiment with. Or I could suggest we try something a new way. I may be the one with the new clothespins. If they were too much for him, we’d stop. Testing out a new paddle doesn’t have to wait for punishment. The tawse he bought had a trial run a few days after it arrived. It’s important to try things out before just diving in. I remember Lion’s comment that the menthol rub I bought was too weak, so I slathered it on. Nope! Not too weak at all. He had to run to wash it off. If we had tested it rather than relying on Lion’s assumption, he wouldn’t have had bright red balls. At that time, at least.

I don’t usually mind Lion’s suggestions. As long as it doesn’t seem like I’m doing everything all wrong. I don’t always take his suggestions, but at least I think about them. Nothing is too silly or outrageous to think about. And, of course, I get clarification if I need it. Sometimes what I hear or read isn’t really what he meant. Communication is key.