Tomorrow is Lion’s surgery day. He’s having the stent removed and then he should be fine. He’s anticipating not feeling well enough to come until Wednesday next week at the earliest. We’ll see. This time around, Mr. Weenie woke up on Monday, I think. I wonder if he’ll be horny sooner after this surgery because there won’t be anything inside him causing pain and he isn’t sick from the infection anymore.

I’m not rushing him to have an orgasm. I’m merely reacting to the super horny Lion that has been around the past few days. I have no doubt the first orgasm after two surgeries will hurt. Weenies aren’t used to being invaded by surgical instruments. It stands to reason he would be a little pissed off. I may even make him wait longer. Why not? He’s been uncaged for a few weeks and has been too sick to care about sex for a good portion of that time so it’s not like he’s really missed having sex. True, my weenie has been very active the past few days, but he’s about to be invaded again. He won’t be happy.

Maybe it’s time for Lion to have a super long wait, by Lion standards at least. I supposed it’s cheating since he’s been sick, but a wait is a wait. It wouldn’t really be any different than when he’s “broken”. Maybe we’ll go for a record. I think the longest wait is 21 days. We’re not too far off from that as it is. Why not push it? Why waste “time served”? I’ll have to check our stats and see how far we are. Then I can decide how long he should wait. I don’t think it will be as simple as 22 days. Nah. If you’re going for the record, you should go for the record.

How long is long enough? I can hear the comments pouring in. Two months? Three months? Six months? Well, I was thinking more along the lines of March 1. Maybe Lion needs to beware the Ides of March. When is Easter? Poor Lion.


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    I think March 1 sounds fine.He has had a lot so far (a lot more than me ) and it is up to you.A wait maybe a good thing after he’s been so unwell. He won’t like it you look after him too from England.

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    I feel compelled to point out that KinkFest coincides with Easter weekend…

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