The Secret Of The Cage

I’ve been locked in a male chastity device for over three years with only a few breaks. I’m on one of them now due to a medical problem. By this time, I am trained to keep my paws away from Mrs. Lion’s weenie. I haven’t masturbated in over three years. The chastity device is not needed to enforce her orgasm control. Over the last few months, Mrs. Lion considered doing away with it entirely. I didn’t want to do that. Now, I think I know why.

My cage is important to me in a symbolic way. It is, after all, a wedding ring with a lock. I chalked up my desire to keep wearing it to a desire to physically demonstrate my surrender. That’s all true. But there is more; a lot more.

I wear a properly fitted device. The penis is always in contact with the sides and end of the cage. It is sized so that at my most dip-in-cold-water shrinkage, the cage still touches everywhere. It fits like a stainless-steel glove. My urethra pokes out of the hole for it at the top of the cage. It’s completely comfortable to wear. And, absolutely effective.

Many people assume that the purpose of this device is to put the penis in an escape-proof jail that prevents any sexual activity. Masturbation should be impossible. It is; at least for me. Is it escape proof? No, not really. Nothing short of a full chastity belt can be. But that level of security isn’t necessary. I’m not some masturbation-frenzied lunatic that just has to beat off. I am mature and fully capable of controlling myself.

While the main, stated purpose of the chastity device is to prevent sex, it isn’t it’s most insidious. I am absolutely incapable of attaining an erection while wearing it. Yes, the penis can attempt to get hard. It doesn’t hurt when that happens. But the hard steel allows no expansion in length or girth. The strain against the bars leave “grill marks” on the head of the penis. But the erection just can’t happen.

These years of orgasm control has forced me to consider other things sexual. It’s no different from someone who loses the ability to see. Sounds, smell, and touch become more intense. It turns out that a similar thing happens when orgasms become rare. Erections are now treasured events. Just the sensation of the hard cock standing above my abdomen is a heady feeling. I love it.

After just a day in the cage, the joy of the erection is something I long to feel. Longer waits makes it excruciatingly exciting when Mrs. Lion hands wakes the sleeping weenie. Feeling her stimulate it; teasing it just enough to react and slowly get to full size is amazing. Sometimes she moves her hand away and it gets soft. Then she comes back and it responds, almost lunging to full erection in seconds. What a feeling!

If I’m locked up for more than a couple of days and then unlocked. Her weenie has to be teased and convinced to try to grow. It can take a while. But with patient stroking, the erection returns. It turns out that the pain of being locked away for me has less to do with ejaculation than it does with the attention that makes it stand at attention. Repeatedly teasing it hard and then letting it shrink in disappointment, then once more making it grow, is mind blowing for me. I think that Mrs. Lion may also like that she can make it go from a tiny nub to a strong sapling by literally waving her hand.

Almost every male experiences nocturnal erections. The penis gets hard on its own for a while and then becomes flaccid again. This happens several times most nights. It’s theorized it is the body’s way of keeping the equipment in running order. With the cage on, the body tries but can’t get it to attention. This isn’t medically dangerous, even over long periods. But it has a mental effect. It’s almost like remote-control teasing.

I think the real power of my chastity device isn’t that it keeps me from jerking off. It’s that I can’t achieve an erection. The only thing the penis can do is pee. It can’t even pretend it is going to have sex.


  1. Author

    Have you ever tried chastity devices that rely on a prince albert piercing alone? They don’t prevent erections, but should prevent teasing the cock that the man comes. The feeling to wear one of those is presumably much different from the feeling to wear an erection-prevention device.

  2. Author

    I wear such a device, and yes, it is a substantially different experience from that described by Lion. Especially, the cage doesn’t need to come off for my wife to tease me. Her touch on the exposed area of the shaft is quite enough – especially after a few days – to have me flopping around like a tuna in the boat.

    However, with the critical area (the “sweet spot” on the bottom, behind the glans) covered, there’s not enough stimulation for me to orgasm. Basically, it makes edging very easy for my wife, because she just needs to tune for maximum noise, without worrying about making me cum.

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