Today is the first of the year. I was talking to my son the other day. His birthday is a few days after Christmas. I asked if he was staying up till midnight last night. He wasn’t since he had to work the next morning. Then he said something I’ve often said myself about milestones: It’s just another day. Very true! If we didn’t have a calendar in front of us, we wouldn’t know when a birthday or the new year rolled around. It would be just another day. Do I feel any different today than I did yesterday? Just because the calendar says I’m another year older, do I feel older? Nope. It’s just a psychological thing. 2016 was bad for a lot of people. I’m not sure it was particularly good or bad for me. It just was.

As I write this, I’m wondering if I should be using January 1 as a milestone. It’s an easier day to remember than March 26th, for example. But maybe I should be using the date Lion first went into the chastity device. Our chastiversary, as I call it. I don’t know exactly what date that is off the top of my head, but it seems like a reset should begin then rather than January 1. [Lion — January 9]

What the hell am I talking about? Lion’s orgasms per year. Yesterday I said he had 57 in 2016. [Lion — I was wrong. It was 58] If it’s important to keep track, and I’m not entirely sure it matters, we need a starting point. Should it be from the beginning of the year or from our chastiversary? Up to now, it’s been from the beginning of the year and I don’t have a problem keeping it that way. I just now thought it might be better the other way. No real preference. Lion and I will talk and see which way makes sense.

Now, when I was working from a scheduled orgasm date, I had Lion set up with orgasms on Christmas eve, Christmas day, New Year’s eve and New Year’s day. He didn’t like the idea of two days in a row. No problem. Several weeks ago I scrapped the idea of a schedule. His last orgasm was Christmas eve. At that point, I decided he wouldn’t have another one until the new year. It would only be eight days or so. He could make it. And then he became “broken”. His interest in sex waned. Even when I can edge him, I don’t think he really cares if he has an orgasm.

A few days ago, my head cold went south to my lungs. I have a similar cough as Lion has been dealing with. I don’t think it’s hitting me quite as hard, but it’s still annoying. I just didn’t feel like playing with Lion last night. However, I never told him we wouldn’t be playing. He got upset.

I’ve never gotten upset when Lion doesn’t want to play or can’t play because he’s “broken”. I did get a little upset when we didn’t have our traditional cinnamon rolls on Christmas day, but only for a minute. What’s the big deal about having them the next day? Absolutely nothing. So what’s with Lion? He knew I was sick. He must have heard me wheezing and coughing. Why would he expect to play? I think it’s because his mind was still on the New Year’s eve and New Year’s day orgasms. Even though I’d given up on the schedule months ago.

The bottom line is that there was a breakdown in communications. Somewhere along the way, Lion didn’t realize I’d given up on the schedule or I didn’t realize he hadn’t. As well as we’ve been communicating, we still need to do more. I don’t think we’ll ever go back to the way it was, but clearly we slip up from time to time.

Maybe there’s a lot more reason for wiping the slate clean.

standing rib roast
This is the prime standing rib roast I cooked for New Year’s Eve. It was the high point of the evening.

Happy New Year! It’s the first day of a brand new year. How is it going so far? My New Year’s Eve wasn’t particularly exciting. Mrs. Lion is under the weather. As you might imagine, there was no sexual activity of any kind. I understand that. It still is a let down.

In prior years I had posted some resolutions relating to enforced chastity. At this point I realize that isn’t my place to do. The only resolution appropriate to my role is for me to be more obedient in the new year. I have an adequate incentive to follow through on this. Mrs. Lion’s paddle collection provides excellent motivation. At least, that’s what I’m supposed to say.

Until very recently, I didn’t think that corporal punishment was a particularly good incentive for me. I am turned on by the idea of being spanked. Spankings did hurt. But I really didn’t get too concerned about avoiding them. A few weeks ago, Mrs. Lion decided to give me “real” disciplinary spankings; the kind that leaves marks and can hurt for days. My view of punishment changed very quickly.

Want to ask us a question? Put it in as a comment. We’re answering your questions in our 2000th post next week.

I guess Mrs. Lion reached the point in averse stimulation that made me pay attention. Ever since that first, very painful spanking I truly try to do what I can to avoid getting another. I haven’t been too successful. I forgot to remind Mrs. Lion of punishment day and I failed to wear the training collar when we went out. She gave me a painful spanking for each infraction. I haven’t repeated either.

It’s difficult for me to sort out the fact from the fiction when reading accounts of domestic discipline. For a long time I didn’t believe that wives gave the painful, bruising spankings that they wrote about. I figured that was added drama for the sake of building readership. Like some of our readers who have commented on the subject, it just seemed too cruel. Why would any guy voluntarily accept such abuse?

Then it happened to me. I told Mrs. Lion about these domestic discipline spankings. I also reminded her that the entire purpose of spanking is to provide as much pain as possible. She was uncertain about doing this to me. But she did. The first was the spanking for interrupting her. That brought me many bruises. It was horrible. One disclaimer: I bruise easily lately because of a medicine I take. I don’t think I would have marked that much before starting the meds. In any case, I never experienced anything like it.

When she was done, I was angry. My anger wasn’t at her. It was at myself for earning this pain. After the burn died down, I realized that she did exactly the right thing to me. Since that spanking, I consciously try to avoid interrupting her. I’m sure I will slip and I will pay the price. The same is true about remembering my training collar and punishment day. I am working to avoid a repeat performance.

One other lesson from those spanking blogs is the concept of increased intensity for repeat offenses. We haven’t tried that  yet. The theory is that the first spanking wasn’t strong enough to correct the behavior. This isn’t entirely true. A repeat offense within a week or two probably does warrant more pain. One after a longer period of time probably indicates a reminder spanking is needed.

Another interesting lesson from the blogosphere is that disrespect or annoying behavior also earns strong spankings. So far, Mrs. Lion has only punished for breaking stated rules. This ad hoc type of offense completes the disciplinary lexicon. It is also the most difficult to administer. The other day Mrs. Lion punished me for my first ad hoc offense. A comment I made upset her. On punishment day she spanked me for it. Excellent work!

These new, disciplinary spankings are so unpleasant I work to avoid them. In the past, I wasn’t too upset if I earned a spanking because I do like to be spanked. The milder spankings were close enough to a “play” spanking to help satisfy that kink of mine. The new, longer, harder, bruising spankings are way more than I ever want. That’s why I work hard to avoid them. If I “need” a play spanking, I will ask for one. I have a feeling that for a while I won’t need to ask. I just seem to keep slipping up.

So, my hope for the new year is that Mrs. Lion continues to be sensitive to my effects on her and that she will discipline as close to the offenses as possible. I’m going to work hard to avoid those painful spankings.