Thank you, 2.0

When I travel, I love to talk with Mrs. Lion every night. Because I am three time zones away, the earliest I can call is 9pm my time; it’s 6pm at home. On the last night of this trip, we talked about the unexpected changes domestic discipline has made in our relationship.

My motivation to ask Mrs. Lion to be my disciplining wife was twofold: I get turned on thinking about being spanked, and I wanted Mrs. Lion to tell me what I do that bothers her. It’s more than that. I want her to feel she is heard and I will listen. I know that she tends to just suck it up if I do something that bothers her. If she expresses her displeasure and I appear to disregard her, she won’t tell me again.

In a DD relationship she has the right, actually the obligation to not only tell me when I displease her, but also punish me. When we were chatting I admitted that my concept of this was wrong. I thought the spankings would be exciting, but I didn’t believe I would really change.

When lioness 2.0 took permanent residence, punishment became really punishment 2.0 doesn’t hold back. She hits hard and keeps hitting until she thinks I have paid the price for my misdeed. When I get food on my shirt, she hits as hard as she does if I interrupt her. She just limits the spanking to a few swats. If it’s one swat or a hundred, they are hard and really hurt.

A while ago I was spanked for interrupting her. That spanking went on a long time and when she was done, my bottom was very red and liberally bruised. It burned for an hour and hurt into late the next day.I was told that this is what happens if I break a rule. The next day I ate before her. She attacked my bruised butt with full force. She told me that she tried to miss the bruises, but she didn’t let the fact I was still showing the earlier results stop her from a full-force, full-length spanking.

This was all new to both of us. I never imagined a spanking could hurt so much. I think she was a little surprised she was able to hit so long and hard. After I calmed down a bit, I thanked her for punishing me. I really meant it. I have been trying very hard not to interrupt her or anyone else. I’ve also been very, very careful that either I have been given permission to eat or she has eaten first.

When I reviewed it with her on the phone, I asked if I have interrupted her since then. She said I have but she has seen me trying not to do it. I asked her to punish me if I do it. I sincerely want to learn not to interrupt.

If you’ve been reading our blog, you’ve read that Mrs. Lion has created new rules for me. I mentioned them to her in our conversation. She was very matter-of-fact about them. 2.0 is absolutely ready to help me improve.

We talked about our feelings. i let her know how grateful I am that she is doing this. I also said that I really hate her spankings. She answered in that matter-of-fact voice, “I know.”

I’m pretty sure that Mrs. Lion doesn’t find all this easy to do. I have no illusions that 2.0 is so different from 1.0. I think the actual change is that 2.0 is willing to do what it takes to teach me. I know she doesn’t particularly like it. I also know that it’s still very difficult for her to tell me when i displease her. She’s learning.

I’m learning too. If I repeat an offense too soon after punishment, she is prepared to make the next punishment more severe. I asked her to do this. A 2.0 spanking really affects my behavior. I don’t want to be punished. Yes, it’s a turn on to think about being spanked. But I know that the reality is not exciting at all. I make a conscious effort to avoid getting another.

None of this was true with a 1.0 spanking. They got me a bit red, but I wasn’t seriously motivated to avoid another. Mrs. Lion and I both realize this is a new phase in our relationship. The love is stronger than ever. I’m not afraid of her. But I’m beginning to learn that disobeying her is at my own peril.

This is all surprising to me. Really surprising. I talked and wrote about all this for a long time. But experiencing a true domestic discipline punishment changes everything I have a new sense of peace because i know that my lioness is learning to truly take charge and let me know how she feels. That is very good for our marriage.

Thank you, 2.0.