Changing Gears

I didn’t write a post yesterday because Mrs. Lion and I had a really nice night out. We toured some of the resort area and had a wonderful, late rooftop dining experience. This is our first resort vacation since we were married. Well, nearly vacation. I am working, but she has lots to do while I toil. I love my job.

I am writing this in advance, but today is punishment day and 2.0 has informed me that there are offenses to punish. I will be getting a hairbrush spanking. I’m sure she will write more about it in her post later. With any luck I won’t have to work today and we can have adventures together. Regardless, I have a special evening planned that will go quite late.

Our posts may get irregular until next week when we get back. However, I have been informed that 2.0 is on this vacation and just because we are at a resort, I am expected be on my best behavior. Wednesday night at dinner I forgot my manners and ate first. I’ll be much more careful the rest of the weekend. That hairbrush really hurts!

I haven’t been thinking much about our female led relationship all week. I’ve been a wild, independent lion. Between the three hour time difference and my very different surroundings, FLR and enforced chastity have been buried deep in my mind. When Mrs. Lion’s plane landed Wednesday night, everything changed. I’m just having a bit of trouble making that adjustment.

Fortunately, according to Mrs. Lion, she brought her attitude adjuster with her and 2.0 isn’t afraid to use it. This is the first time we’ve been together on one of my business trips. Clearly, it’s going to be very different than the others.