Lucky or Not?

According to the activity app on my watch, I walked just over ten miles yesterday. Those things are notoriously inaccurate so it might have been a little more or a little less. Either way, it felt like ten miles. I am actually surprised that I could do that much in one day. I did have to sit quite a few times. My legs, especially my knee, are not used to so much movement.

Lion had a business dinner and got back to the hotel at around 10 pm. We were both tired but we made time for snuggling. I also teased him orally. He was obviously ready for an orgasm and I was considering it, but then I wondered what we’d do tonight if I game him an orgasm so early in the game. He certainly wouldn’t be in the mood for one tonight. And maybe not even on Saturday night. I decided to make him wait at least one more night.

I didn’t give him his punishment swats last night. I threatened him that I would send him off to his meeting this morning with a sore butt. Right now I’m thinking I’ll whomp him when he gets back from his meeting. That way he’ll have sore buns while we’re together on our adventure for the day. Every time he sits he’ll think about it. Maybe he’ll even be thinking about it while he’s walking, if I do it right. After all, he’ll be wearing clothes that could rub.

I know by most enforced chastity/FLR standards, I’m a pushover but sometimes I feel so mean to Lion. I know it’s what he asked for and, when he complains, I remind him of that fact. When I’m feeling that way, his wanting it is little consolation. Luckily I seem to be feeling less and less guilty about it. Luckily for me, that is. For Lion, it’s not lucky at all. Or is it?